Sunday, February 10, 2013

He's Here!

Superbowl weekend.

When Erin first became pregnant she informed her unborn infant he should not consider making his arrival during a Superbowl game because Mom would want to be watching our beloved Packers.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) the Packers didn't make it to the Superbowl because the baby just didn't listen.

As her due date approached Erin went through a week long process of natural way to help induce her labor.
Creams, acupuncture, massages and finally a night in the hospital hooked up to pitocin.  It seemed whatever they tried he just wasn't ready to leave his warm little nest.

We made a trip to Moscow for the hospital induction and sat by the sides of the future new mom and dad. They spent the night in the hospital and then when the results were unchanged, they opted to go home and wait things out - and we headed south.

Saturday Erin tried to resume normal activities.  Her dear friend Lisa walked the mall with her, encouraging Erin and just being a sweetheart.

Sunday morning we got another early morning call - this time it was the real deal.  Erin had been in labor from the early morning hours.  They were heading for the hospital.  Papa and Drahma were back in the car headed north.  It was Superbowl Sunday!

The entire five and a half hour trip was frequented with text updates and phone calls.  As we approached the final leg of our journey, Erin said she was in the final stages and getting ready to push.  We couldn't get up the hill fast enough.  We arrived in time to have the labor and delivery staff preparing the room to transition from laboring to pushing.  Our daughter was going to be a momma in short time...  and the Super Bowl Game was about to start.

Erin wanted us to stay in the room so we found a comfortable place on a sofa at waist level where we could be encouraging and not intrusive.

Poor Erin pushed and pushed for 2-1/2 hours.  Little C's head was in the birth canal but twisted off to the side.  Despite the OB's attempts to help turn his head in the birth canal C just wasn't going to budge.  And though I know she didn't want to go this route, it was decided Erin would have a cesarean section.

The very efficient staff quickly prepared her for surgery.  I found myself comparing the situation with what I see on a daily basis at work and liked what I saw. It was comforting to see how competent everything was getting done.

Erin was wheeled away to the elevator which would take her up to surgery with Chris at her side.  Papa and I sat patiently nervously waiting for a safe delivery for both the baby and our daughter.

It seemed to take hours though I'm certain it wasn't even a full hour.  We heard the elevator bell chime and out rolled the nurse, the proud daddy and the cutest little bundle all swaddled in the bassinet.  I was instantly in love with our new grandson.

Welcome Calder Christopher Murray - born Sunday, February 3rd at 20:56 at Grittman Hospital in Moscow, ID.  He weighed in at 8lbs. 10oz and was 20-3/4" long.

We are so very blessed!


Proud Papa

Drahma has a new man in her life. 

Drahma's project - not quite done when C arrived but that gave me something to work on the following week when I returned to Moscow to stay with our newest little family of three. 

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