Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Prayerful, Productive, Personal and Positive

In January our newest DIL wrote here in her blog regarding 4 P's.  Something prayerful, something productive, something personal and something positive. 

- Something prayerful.  It's pretty self explanatory.
- Something productive. Do something productive every day.
- Something personal. Make time for yourself.
- Something positive. Do something good for someone else.

Our son also added - something physical. (Not bloody likely...)

Her challenge for this season of Lent was to complete each of these tasks every day for 40 days.  I admire her goals.  I think they are wonderful and I aspire to be as good a person.

I've chosen to accomplish at least one P each day.  We have a lot on our plates right now and I'm juggling emotions daily.  It's important to try.  It's important to maintain.  It's important to be strong.  I think fulfilling my Lenten goals will help me focus on the importance of the Season as well as the positive things in my life right now.

Wednesday, February 13th

Today I went back to work after a couple of very hectic weeks.  I will pray for my family members tonight.  Our daughter gave birth to our second grandson Calder.  He's healthy, happy and so adorable.  Tonight she went into the ER for a possible incision infection.  I'll pray for Calder's continued good health.  I'll pray Erin heals and for her husband Chris to have the strength to hold his new little family together. 

I will also pray for our son Matt, his wife Brit and our favorite five year old grandson.  I pray they know how much we love them and are here for them.

I will pray for our newlyweds as they sort out job opportunities.  I know schedule changes have been trying but know you two are strong and carry one another through the week.

Productive and Postive.
Today we ran a couple of errands after work.  We purchased our son's birthday gift. I'm very excited about the gift as I feel it's something he'll thoroughly enjoy and use in a very artful manner.  I was able to sit down and write the words in a card I've had on my mind for a week.  It's a special Valentine's gift for our other DIL.  I am hoping to encourage her to try a new adventure that has been in her heart. 

I suppose the laundry I washed counts for something too! 

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