Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Prayerful, Productive, Personal and Positive - Week 2

Thursday, February 21st.
Productive.  Today was definitely a productive day at work.  Ten hours kept me busy at the Charge desk, sparing you the details, while the procedures rolled in and out of the Operating Rooms. We wave at the little guys being carried in with crocodile tears in their eyes and send an encouraging smile to anyone still alert enough to make eye contact.  I enjoy my job and somehow whenever I feel lacking or epically frustrated, someone steps into my day and says just the right thing.  Today was no different.  While I was recognizing my coworkers for effort they made, they in turn encouraged me.  At the end of the day, I seldom regret taking this job and making this change in my life. 

Work attire - Jealous??

Friday, February 22nd.
Positive. Tonight we had dinner with our oldest son.  He is back in town prior to a long stretch away at school. It was nice not to feel rushed and just enjoy a meal and visit.  His work keeps him away from his wife, son and the rest of us for so many weeks out of the year.  I do miss just being able to talk to him.  Perhaps this was as much Positive as it was Personal.

Saturday, February 23rd.
Positive and Personal. Today Papa and Drahma Deb enjoyed the company of their favorite five year old.  We had a movie marathon.  Dinner in front of the TV.  Blankets tucked around our legs.  I've been slowly adding to our movie collection after years of giving away DVD's to kids.  I just love spending enjoying life with a five year old.  His sense of humor, outlook on life and pleasure he shares always brings a smile to my face.

Sunday, February 24th.
Prayerful. I spent a lot of time today silently praying for my family.  There is so much to be thankful for right now.  The special moments with our favorite five year old.  The birth of our healthy newborn and his delightfully happy parents.  The success of our newlyweds and their career paths.  The ability to learn new skills and expand the experience of our oldest son and early stages of a new business for our DIL.  There is always family drama.  No family is immune.  Sometimes the drama is more serious and heart breaking to everyone - those involved and those on the outside helplessly looking in.  I'm praying for peace and guidance for all.

Monday, February 25th.
Prayerful and Personal. Today was a day of rest.  In between resting I napped and prayed. 

Tuesday, February 26th.
Productive, Personal and Positive.  I love Tuesdays.  We spend the morning with our favorite five year old.  Even though he wasn't feeling 100%  (or because) we snuggled, read a couple books and colored pictures for his Tio.

I finally got out of the house...  mailed a package to our youngest family member and bought a birthday gift for our 2 year old Great-grand. Look at me being all productive! I'm embarrassed to even think how long I've been avoiding these things on a 'to do' list. Should I mention the gift is "belated".

Our youngest wanted to borrow my camera for a lacrosse weekend.  Of course I said yes.  Then realized we had plans for the same weekend.  No worries I have a back up camera and knew he'd be ok using it.  We had planned to get both boys new camera for their birthdays ths year.  Matt has such an artistic eye and got his earlier this month.  TK is involved with Lacrosse All Stars, using many media resources. So we decided to celebrate TK's birthday in February instead of May! 

We invited K2 to dinner so TK would have a chance to check out my camera.  After our meal, we sat with our glasses of wine.  As TK went through the camera bag he seemed impressed I kept my camera still in bubble wrap.  We let him run with it for a few more minutes and finally said "Happy Birthday".  He was genuinely surprised (as was his brother on his birthday).  Gosh it feels so darn good to share something unexpected but truly appreciated.

Wednesday, February 27th.
Positive. Today's schedule was fairly light at work.  I always enjoy the "social" aspects of catching up with my coworker (we job share), it was a good feeling to divide up the day instead of doubling up - allowing her an afternoon with her sons and me a easy-going morning with my favorite five year old.

Prayerful. Continued prayers for my family - their health, their happiness and well-being.

As my second week winds down, I feel a bit inspired to become very busy with a couple of projects on my 'to do' list...  Maybe the sunshine is healing my blues.


Karissa said...

OMG you look so cute at work! I do not look as cute in my hard hat and hair net :)

Deb said...

I am a giant smurf~