Thursday, February 14, 2013

Prayerful, Productive, Personal & Positive Week 1

Thursday, February 14th
Positive. Today is Valentine's Day!  I've never been a big fan of the day because it seems like people go overboard buying cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts.  But because I'm trying to fulfill my Lenten promises I used today to deliver a special gift to our DIL.  She's talked about stepping in a new direction taking an activity with which she's very talented and making it into a small business.  Plus if I have a baker in the family I wouldn't have to make cakes any longer (not something I'm very good at nor do I strive to improve).
Oh I didn't leave out the other two girls in my life...  I found some really cute frames and shared my favorite bottles of wine with both.)

Prayerful. Tonight I pray for our southern Goddaughter.  She's struggling with so many things.  When she was younger her Mom struggled to protect herself and her children from an irratic father.  In our goddaughter's teen years, he felt it appropriate to push and pull with his daughter's feelings.  As a young adult he wants to buy her love and she's willing to accept.  Meanwhile she's receiving genuine, unconditional love from her grandparents and mom now and doesn't recognize the potential.  She lied to government officials about her home life, causing her own mom to be investigated.  Recently she lied to her mom about her personal life and returned to the pretense of attending school, driving, moving in with her dad - all the while sharing every moment of her personal status in social media. 

I pray our Goddaughter will find her way to accept  the challenges before her.  I pray she finds the strength to walk into each new day with honesty and integrity.  I pray she finds love for herself in her heart so that in time she will once again see and accept the love she has always received unconditionally from her family now.  I pray she realizes how many of her true friends are reaching out to help and not turn them away.

Friday, February 15th
Prayerful & Personal. Today I'm tired. Maybe exhausted. Two weeks on the road have caught up with these old bones.  I worked my scheduled 10 hours.  Tonight I did nothing. And it was nothing ALL for me. I caught up on many of the shows on the DVR wrapped up in a blanket. I have no plans to wake early, or use an alarm. I am praying tonight for my husband to heal. His ankle is swollen and he doesn't take care of himself. Tomorrow will be a quiet day for him too!

Saturday, February 16th.
Prayerful, Personal... Again.
I'm trying hard to walk away from my funk. Pity party. Table for one. What has me down?  I will vent in a very un-Lent way. Where have manners gone? What happened to common courtesy? We call people and leave messages- calls seldom returned. I text to share something or ask and wait, and wait. Most of the time I have to inquire if the news was received. I gave up my preferred calling because I won't hear your voice anyway. I rearrange my schedule or errands, hurrying around to catch someone and then they leave as soon as I arrive. If your schedule doesn't permit at least a few minutes more of your time then please say something and we can reschedule. I won't even address acknowledging other people. The thank you has passed on.  I'm disappointed in the "out of sight out of mind/I'll call when I need something" relationship. We make effort to visit and be there for important events. We care what happens and want to be a part of your life.  We'd love to hear your big news.  Yes I'm tired. I'm praying for energy and strength to pull myself together.

I am being selfish. I should shake this weight off and do something productive or positive. I don't really think it qualifies as personal today but honestly it's the best I can do.  My treadmill walk is an escape... Plugged in to my iPod closes out the outside noise.

Bedtime:  Just a final note before bed.  I managed to find a positive note for the day.  We were able to take our oldest son out for dinner and give him his birthday gift.  I know he will put it to great use.  He has such a good eye and like our daughter said - we can always put him to work for us when we get our business up and running.  He was genuinely surprised and very pleased.  It always feels so good when you find something for someone special, and you know they'll truly be happy.  He definitely can use a reason to be happy.  So as I wrap up the day and head to bed, I'm sending up additional prayers for my children - that they find the answers in their hearts to the questions in their heads.

Sunday, February 17th.
Personal, Productive. It's been a quiet Sunday in our household today.  Slept in, laundry finished up, "To Do" list ready for the week, a couple bills paid and dinner on the stove.  We had a nice visit this afternoon from the Newlyweds.  They are so busy with their work schedules, working opposite hours.  It was fun to have a few moments to catch up with their life.

Prayerful.Tonight I pray for the new week to come.  May we continue to enjoy good health and find the time to be active enough to feel the success in our journey.  I am praying for my loved ones - that they enjoy peace in their hearts.

Monday, February 18th.
Productive. (Though clearly not as productive as the Newlyweds.)  I finally finished taking down the outside Christmas lights.  This is the task my husband was attempting to do when he hurt himself last weekend...  but I digress.  (Love you honey.) Everything is now organized in the garage and ready to be carried up to the attic until next Christmas season.  I'm ready for the week's menus too.  But honestly it's been an off day.  Maybe because I covered at work for most of the day instead of my normal Monday off.  I just didn't get my brain into work mode. Just go to bed Debra. Tomorrow is another day with more opportunities for successful P's.

Tuesday, February 19th.
Productive. Productivity at it's finest.  After a morning spent with our favorite five year old (always Positive AND Personal) I started out my afternoon with a couple of projects.
Naturally my afternoon had to include 45 minutes wogging on the treadmill. 
I made a big batch of chicken chili to share in tomorrow's Chili Cook-Off!

Finally, I completed my Benefits Enrollment for work and carried the last of the Christmas decorations up to the attic.  Both feet planted back on Terra Firma... and THAT Shaw, is how it's done!
Wednesday, February 20th.
Positive.  Happy Birthday to my Dad, who turned 77 years old today.  After a busy day I finally sat down and had a wonderful visit with him for nearly and hour on the phone.  It's been awhile since I've had the opportunitiy to just sit and talk without having one of have to get something done or run off.  It was special to have Dad to share what's been going on with our family - catch them up on the details of our three trips for Calder's arrival and what's going on here in town.  Sometimes a girl needs to talk to her Dad, no matter how old we are getting to be.
Happy Birthday Dad

Prayerful.  Tonight we are praying for our youngest granddaughter Mikayla.  She's 13 years old and was taken to the ER tonight in TN, because of migraine headaches.  She was fighting the flu recently and also has aches and chest pains.  Since I recently learned what migraines are all about, I'm feeling her pain and hope they find her relief - maybe one of those magic IV cocktails.  Nonetheless I hope it's resolved and she's back to her old self soon.
Ok, so the picture is a couple of years old.  But with the modern age of technology and pictures shared on Spacebook, instead of email or snail mail, we are definitely out of date.  It doesn't change the fact that she's very special to us.
Personal.  Today I participated in a Chili Cook-Off at work.  I felt inspired to play along when I don't normally particpate in these activities.  So that pot of chili I made yesterday was deemed worthy of sharing.  It did taste mighty fine if I do say so myself.  Guess What?  I won!  They told me the vote for the winner was a land slide!  Whodathunk?!  We now have a pair of movie tickets to use and a weekend coming up with no plans!  Perfect!

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I'm enjoying your 4P's. And congrats on the chili cook-off!