Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Forwards or Backwards...

Five weeks into The Biggest Loser and last night the one thing I take away from the show...  How do they manage to walk backwards on the treadmill.  Jillian's trainee was making great progress on the treadmill - backwards. 

So there I was...  working off the minutes of my 2 mile walk this morning when my mind started wandering...  how hard can it  be to walk backwards on the treadmill?!

Don't laugh.  I tried it!  Blame it on my recent afliction of ADD increased by lack of focus waiting on our newest grandson's arrival.

My first attempt wasn't pretty.  I kept the belt running at a slower 3.0 speed.  I stared for a few minutes at the belt trying to get my rhythm in my head.  Couldn't quite grasp the steps but felt I was ready.  I think I stepped twice before I was off entirely!  No injuries.  No one watching.  I got away clean. 

Determined, I got back on - backwards - and started the belt up again, this time slower at 1.0.  I HELD on, and started stepping on the belt.  I felt pretty darn smug - look at me, look at me...  but NEVER, EVER actually let go of the rails.  Oh well.  It's baby steps. 

And here's a news flash.  Walking backwards is a WHOLE NEW set of muscles.  Five minutes was all the backward walking I needed to point out which muscles were not familiar with this motion as they were screaming the first time I went down the stairs.

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