Monday, January 28, 2013

A Letter to Calder...

Dear Calder,

I'm sure you've heard my voice during our visits.  Soon we will meet face to face.  This is what I want to talk to you about - this whole meeting thing. 

I realize the medical professionals have picked a random date based on statistics and facts provided by your parents and their medical training, however it's my professional position as a Grandma that NOW is a good time to make your debut. 

You have family waiting to meeting you - and like the pioneers before us, we will make the pilgrimage to see you.  We will travel from Southern Idaho, Michigan, and Alaska.  Your roots extend to Wisconsin, Illinois and Washington as well. 

As you can imagine since you know your Momma so well, I'm slightly OCD about organization and getting things accomplished.  If you can believe this, my lists have lists.  However your impending arrival has sent me into a tail spin of hyper-disorganization and inactivity. If M&M's provided focus I'd be good to go.  So far nothing has worked.  I've started and stopped so many things of late and am struggling to get back on track before you arrive.  As soon as I leave a room I'm on to something new.  My planning has ceased because we are waiting... 

Today is Monday.  Your due date is Thursday.  I'm racing the clock to finish the blind to warm your room and the blanket to warm your backside.  Instead I've got spaghetti sauce cooking on the stove, laundry churning the the washer and dryer AND I've walked 45 minutes on the treadmill rocking out to the play list on my iPOD, which led me to writing.  The brain works in mysterious ways.

So having said this, and making no sense at all, I'd like to remind you in the future when Mom and Dad say "no" it's going to be Gramma and Papa (as well as a few others with similar names and parentage) who will work things in your favor.  How about it lil'guy?  Come out and play!

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Erin Murray said...

Cute! I read it to him. We are ready for him to come out and play too!