Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Year...

For the seventeenhundredth day in a row the temperatures are below 20 degrees and I'm struggling to get motivated, be motivated, remain motivated...  It's tough when it feels ambitious to wrap up in a blanket take a nap.

Our Christmas present to ourselves was a treadmill.  We haven't taken advantage of our membership at the YMCA like we should (reality...  we could probably count the number of times we've been to the Y to work out on one hand.)  I'm not ready to walk completely away from the Y.  It's my goal to start Mondays and Wednesdays in February for Yoga class and WHEN (see that small light of optimisim) it finally warms again I'll return to swim laps.

We very astutely measured  in advance to know what the footprint of the new treadmill was and were insightful enough to know where we wanted to place said treadmill.  (Reality... once put together it takes up a LOT of air space in the room.)

Nonetheless, after some creative rearranging of furniture between rooms we are up and operational.  (Reality...  I now have another project on my "to do" list - Painting!) 

So not to be excluded from the masses who have now made resolutions to change their weight and fitness I'm continuing on my 3 year plan.  A year ago we joined WW and started dieting.  I was very lacking when it came to exercising.  We had a ton of projects to prepare for last year's wedding.  The Fall months that followed were definitely a decline.  I can live with where I am starting 2013.  My head is on straight.  My food tracking is a habit once more.  AND I'm execising.

So evenings I find myself finding a much-viewed TV sit-com to mute and hook up my iPOD in my ears (or the fancy speaker system on the treadmill).  Don't ask - I'm not sure WHY I want the picture to go with my music but it works for me!
I walk - and walk - and walk.  Our multi-faceted machine does all sorts of mapping and programs.  I'm struggling with a calorie burner but it's exactly where I want to be - walking fast and then a short interval at a run.  Sadly I still walk faster than I run. 
When my mind starts to wander or I feel defeated I check out my view.  I see the cross on the mantle reminding me to have faith and give up my doubts to God for strength.  I look around at the framed pictures on the shelves and see the faces of our family members.  And I walk - and walk - and walk.

Sometimes the conversation in my head gets jumbled. 
(Dilusional Me):  Pushing buttons on the monitor. I think I'll try for a 45 minute work out tonight.
(Reality):  Five minutes in... Holy Crap I think the timer on this thing is broken.
(Dilusional Me): Look at me - I am using my hand weights, the belt is inclined and my speed is not a crawl.
(Reality): I'm DYING! Slow this thing down.  I can't get my breath...  where was that arrow to decrease the speed.
(Dilusional Me):  I don't understand why those folks on Biggest Loser want to hold on the front all the time.
(Reality):  Grasping on hand rails for dear life...
(Dilusional Me):  I think I'll walk through the entire hour of my favorite TV show.
(Reality):  When is the next commercial?  I want to stop and go sit on the sofa in the other room.

Hang in there folks.  We can do this!


Erin Murray said...

Keep up the good work!! Very proud of you for doing this-it's a good motivator for me to keep moving too!

Anonymous said...

You make me smile Deb. Hang in there. As you told me - I'm just a phone call or email away if you need more support :) :)