Monday, November 3, 2014

October - check

November 1st.
Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.
We've definitely enjoyed the remaining days of October.

We've maintained keeping one step ahead of the deluge of falling leaves. Mike has been blowing leaves out of the flower beds and mowing.  Thursday Erin and Cheeks came over to do laundry. With rain and wind in our weekend forecast I wanted to do one more collection. We raked out flower beds and picked up the large piles in the yard. Cheeks was a typical 'nearly two year old' and shuffled through the piles of leaves dropping into a belt flop  and fits of laughter.

The yard looked like this only briefly...  after a weekend of wind, rain and cold weather they fell steady for a couple of days.  The trees still aren't empty but we definitely have our work cut out for us. 

We were blessed to have good friends drive over from Seattle for a visit.  Mike and Linda have been a part of my life since my early Navy years when we played on the squadron women's softball team and later I moved in with them and their two young sons.

This weekend relaxed, enjoyed breakfast out, took in the flight show at the World Center for Birds of Prey and shared the infamous homemade Mexican food for dinner.

Ruger spends his days chasing the squirrels in the yard - and there are many right now collecting food for the winter. It's a 'ruff' life. 

Ruger is nearing one year old already.  He has definitely settled into a routine with my new work schedule.  Apparently this is his post about 10 am in preparation for my 10:30 return. 

Big news for our extended family!  Our 'like-a-daughter' Tara is engaged to Nick.  We are so very excited for them.  Nuptials will take place September 26, 2015. 

Our daughter managed to make a couples costume for her and Cheeks based off the PBS cartoon Peg and Cat.  Isn't this adorable!?

We are a big blurred...  but try to capture an 'usie' with a hyper dog and an 18 month old on a sugar rush.
I am so in love with these two fellas. 
Drahma and Mr. T
The fellas
Trick or Treating with the cousins. 
October also brought the Mrs. Idaho Pageant.  Our daughter-in-law Karissa has spent this past year as Mrs. Meridian Village, preparing for the big event.  Though it's not my usual activity we decided to make a girls night of it and have some fun.  DIL Britnee was home sick but Erin and I enjoyed dinner and drinks at Twig Bistro before joining the Karissa Fan Club at the Pageant venue. 

We are very proud of Karissa.  She had a creative Idaho State costume depicting winter.  She looked lovely in her evening gown escorted by our youngest son, her husband, Krieger.  And my hat goes off to her and all of the 38 contestants for coming on stage in a swim suit!  Karissa made it into the Top 15 contestants and was voted Mrs. Photogenic.  

Erin, Krieger and Mom
It's been a great month.  Just busy enough.  As we move into the next season - Holidays - we need to remember to relax and enjoy every week.  

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