Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow Day

This is our 13th winter in Idaho.  We moved here from Wisconsin so it hasn't always been what we consider "winter".  We've had a fair share of snowy days.  Often snow removal was done in shorts and sweatshirt - and sometimes with a leaf blower.  We've had a few snowpacolypses as well.  For me, if it's going to snow please let it be anytime in November and December.  Bring it on!  As of January 2nd - it's time to move over to Spring...

Last week we heard of the big winter storm for days in advance.  Some weather forecasters went so far as to say 6am Thursday - which BTW was NOT the case.  However as daylight was breaking a few flurries were starting to reveal themselves in the not yet dimmed street lights.  By the time I left work at 10:30 there was enough snow on the ground to look like this...   

Actually I just wanted to take a picture of our very sexy new tires. There's just no exciting way to share "We have new tires! on social media.  Dang!

By the time I arrived home, Mike already had the first snow removal taken care of - with the leaf blower mind you.  The ground was definitely covered white.  

This lone pair of leaves hanging on for dear life in the tree across the street. 

I bet our campground flamingo wishes he flew south for the winter

Nothing new here for the frozen tundra. 

The last of our grapes.  We didn't get back out to cut the final bunches.  These would make some amazing dessert wine.  The sugar content must be perfect. 

It took awhile but even Ruger was refreshing his memory regarding the white stuff.  

Friday morning it was STILL snowing.  The plows were busy in the parking lot when I arrived to work at 5:30.

And when I got off work at 10:30 it was STILL snowing!  I was loving every white minute. 

Snow removal was still taking place on a regular basis but Mike had to break out the shovels.  The snow was wet and heavy.  We had about 6" so far. 

Our grandsons were enjoying a snow day as well.  Cheeks was able to test his Alaskan/Michigan/Wisconsin roots and seemed to like what he saw. 

 Mr. T was busy helping his Mom with some shoveling and then when Dad came home they built a barricade in the front yard.  Mr. T even came over to help out his Drahma on Saturday after soccer.  We cleared snow off the deck and the pavers around the fire pit.

Friday night we agreed the season for drinks on the deck had succumbed to winter. 

Saturday morning the skies were crystal clear and brilliant blue.  The temperature was in the high 20's. 

Snowed in.

Here's one yard gnome who probably wished he was anywhere else. 

Oh did I mention?  Saturday was Ruger's 1st birthday. 
Happy Birthday Ruger!

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