Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giving Thanks

We are so blessed.  

We have a nearly non-working oven. 
Our microwave went ka-put just before Thanksgiving. 
My aching shoulder has been confirmed to need surgery. 
Doesn't really sound so wonderful - but you know what??

Our kids offered to host our family Thanksgiving meal.
They took it a step further and prepared the majority of the food as well. 
I made a salad, brought pickles and a veggie tray. 
We gathered at Krieg and Karissa's home where they cooked their first turkey for our first gathering there. 

Everyone had a place to sit together.  
The table(s) were set perfect. 

Thanksgiving 2014

Cheeks shows his Dad some toys until the final countdown for dinner. 

You know what?  My new remote works awesome...  especially when you point it in the right direction.  

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