Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Grown Up Bedroom... finally!

The DIY projects just keep plugging along in our household.  I know we are making progress yet feel we have barely scratched the surface. 

The very last of the gnarly, ugly Berber carpet was pulled up from the stairwell and our master bedroom.  Hurray!  Ruger may have helped this process along with his sharp puppy teeth and a strong desire to chew on a rope toy. Or maybe it was the days disappearing from this year and my desire to have a few more projects accomplished before I make the big life change and return to school full-time. 

Needless to say...  

After years of deliberating over paint colors for the master bedroom we finally made a choice. Our procrastination was cut short because this was the ONLY bedroom left in the house yet unpainted.  Actually it was more because we already had the darker gray color used in the other three bedrooms/office and less because I still hadn't made a decision about what color I thought I wanted.  The paint samples have been slid to the master bathroom for future decision making. Or not .

What luck that an area department store chain would be offering a Labor Day sale for $39 installation for any order of carpet.  We knew this was our opportunity to finally put a check in the project completion box.  

We were much more prepared for choosing carpets although we did make a change in our final decision.  The stairs and bedroom are actually different but very similar.  The stairwell has a hint of brown and beige fleck in the grey.  The grey in the master bedroom is solid color with change in hue as it's moved around. 

We returned to the same department store twice looking for a head and foot board set.  Even went so far as to think we'd have one built and stained to match our dresser.  We've never had a complete matching set in our bedroom but then thinking about this - the dining room isn't a set and our sofas are not part of a set either.  By chance I walked into an area of the store promoting rugs and accessories and discovered this pewter colored metal bed frame - it's perfect and reminds us both of the first old brass bed frame we had when we were married. 


We also removed the old 2-1/2" baseboards and replaced with a 4-1/2" baseboard with a small curved edge.  We love how that little bit of extra pop of white really makes a nice addition to the finished look. It's an inexpensive and easy way to clean up some tired, beat up baseboards. 


Though we are still lacking wall decor, I'm happy to have a grown up bedroom again.  Honestly in the 30+ years we've been married, we've had a "finished" bedroom one other time that I can recall...  and it was soon after we put the house on the market and moved.  Not this time.  I've made a commitment to finishing my college degree.  PLUS we have a few more DIY projects to keep us out of trouble. 

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