Saturday, October 18, 2014

Changing Seasons

OCTOBER!  Whoa.  
What happened to August and September?  
More accurately what is happening to October?  
A peak at the calendar reveals we are over the mid-way mark already.  
My first thoughts bring on a panic as I think we've done so very little with summer's end but the reality is we HAVE worked our way through a few of our projects.

All work and no play makes for no fun.  
Mike found some downtime on the porch after yard work. 

Ruger completed his second round of puppy training.  
Our instructor Michelle is the "puppy whisperer".  
Ruger and Brodie looked forward to every week and the play time together.  
We will definitely have to stop by Petco once in awhile to check in. 

A surprise photo and note from our youngest granddaughter Mikayla 
for Grandparents Day in September.  

Baby C really isn't much of a baby any longer.  
His momma found a 'work at home' job but has a weekly meeting Thursday nights.  
Papa and Drahma share the evening with our little guy. 

Lola has survived a long first year after adding Ruger to our household.  

Ruger - aka 'Bad@$$' has a new leather(?) vest for the cooler temperatures. 

Mr. T stopped by for a sleepover and helped to put up a few Halloween decorations.  

As a reward for good conduct at school Drahma promised him a Flicker. 
The Flicker is the coolest scooter ever...
Yes I speak from experience.  
We were introduced to the Flicker at Kalaloch this summer and naturally Drahma had to take a spin on it.  
It's a great core work out.
May just have to get one for myself.

Love our time together!

Another milestone...  
Mr. T lost his second front tooth under our watch.  
It was bound to happen as it was barely hanging on.  

It's just crazy to stop and realize our summer has disappeared but we are definitely enjoying the Fall season. 
I just wish it lasted longer than a couple of weeks.  

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