Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall

The Vietnam Memorial has a traveling version which visited our area recently.  
I had the pleasure of seeing the original monument in September. 
Mike had a strong desire to see the wall and find the name of fellow pilot Philip Clark, who went missing during a flight on Christmas Eve in 1972. 

Philip Clark went on the cruise even though his wife passed away the previous year during Christmas. He felt it was his duty.

Mike participated in the search and rescue mission flying over Vietnam.
The remains were not recovered nor returned to his loved ones until November 3,1989. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery just down the slope from the Unknowns.

Phillip left behind two children.  They were raised by his parents.  His son followed his foot steps joining the Navy and earning his wings.  He too was killed in line of duty during a training accident. His daughter is married and living in Southern California.  

She found Mike and made contact after he posted about Philip Clark's death on a forum wall. We hear from her often and look forward to meeting her when she travels to visit her Grandparents/Mom and Dad in Northern Idaho.

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