Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I am a month into change.  Not THAT change.  A job change.  Or more important - a life change. A big change.  

It's no secret I've been frustrated with my job sharing situation.  I tried to make it work. I kept hoping for the "share" part to come into place.  Despite being told to be careful when I left my old job, I was certain things would be better.  I admit it - I was wrong.  You were right.  Leopard.  Spots.  No changes.  

For some, being the center of importance is a big deal.  For me it's important to do a good job.  I love the people I worked with and really wanted to stay within the department.  I loved being able to help the staff with their projects, answering questions when they needed help, etc.  I ended up learning new tasks to help wherever I was needed.  

As it turns out this is exactly what opened a new door for me - but I digress. 

I started looking around at job openings.  Similar jobs are now being filled with college degree applicants.  It seems a Bachelors degree is the new norm.  

After a great deal of soul searching and long talks with my hubby, I decided to go back to school and finish my Spanish language degree.  

Once I had the 'what' I needed a 'where.  Locally there are several options.  Northwest Nazarene University has a great program and I liked what I saw when looking around - until I saw the cost - over $13K a semester.  I was so disheartened.  My hubby told me we'd manage if this was where I wanted to go.  Instead I looked into one of the other "local" schools.  Same program.  Closer to home.  And about $10K less a semester.  Honestly it was a no-brainer.  I enrolled and was accepted.  Say hello to this family's Boise State University student.  Yep. This Vandal Mom is going to BSU. At least my favorite 7 year old is happy to have a Bronco Gramma.  :-)  Who know's maybe I'll use my student ID to buy football tickets to take him to a game? 

I'm not going to start class until January.  My sister and I planned a sibling trip for September, traveling to Washington DC to visit our little brother (lucky him).  I really wanted to see this through - so opted to postpone classes until spring semester.  This also gives me an opportunity to get my 'ducks' in a row.  

At this point transcripts have been received and I will sit down with an adviser in September to discuss my veteran status, my credits and which classes I will need. 

Part of that preparation was finding a job which would allow me to continue working AND go to school.  A manager in our department told me there was going to be a part-time position open that I should look into.  It's completely different from anything I've ever done - but applies some of tasks I've learned when helping out in the department. 

I interviewed and was offered the job the day we left for the coast.   What a relief to go on vacation knowing all of my plans were now in a good place. 

When I returned I started right into my new Inventory Auditor position.  I work 6-10 am Monday-Friday.  Yes A.M.  The most difficulty transition has been remembering to go to bed earlier for my 4:30 am wake up.   

I love my new schedule.  I love my job.  It's SOOOO different.  I'm responsible for unpacking pallets of freight, restocking the OR inventory and ordering new supplies.  I also help with the billing for surgical equipment and implants brought in by vendors.  ...And with these hours I hope for minimal interruption in my work schedule when I start classes.  I feel like everything has fallen into place - confirming my decision to make such a big life change.  

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Mags Shaw said...

I am so PROUD of my wife. Mom, gramma, daughter, spouse, employee and now student. She does it all and does it well. Love you!