Saturday, August 9, 2014

Another Family Wedding at Kalaloch

The tradition and memories created on the Washington Coast run deep within our family's veins.  This summer was no different.  
Our nephew Ric and his (now) wife Ariel chose to marry on the beach where our family member's cremains were scattered years ago.  They picked a date to coincide with our annual Or-Ida trek to Kalaloch.  And fortunately it was at the beginning of the week so we still looked somewhat 'fresh'. 

Late afternoon Monday we all stopped our 'camping' and prepared for a wedding.  We traveled up the highway to Beach 2 where preparations were made to create a private beach ceremony. 

The cloud cover was south of us but not enough to spoil our good spirits. 

Unusual this year, the stump that marks the place where Nan, Papo and Uncle Ric's cremains were scattered is usually surrounded at least on one side by fresh stream water coming down the hill to merge with the ocean.  This year it was completely dry. 

Megan and James, sister and brother-in-law to bride and groom. 
James was also the officiate. 

"Froggie" and Uncle Ric

Proud Mom Kevin worked very hard to ensure Ric and Ariel's day was perfect. 

Alexis and Uncle Ric

Cousin Debbie and groom Ric

Ric with his future brother-in-law

Ric with his future sister-in-law

Ric and big sister Jorgan

Ric and his good friend Kirsten.  
She also provided music for the ceremony and the reception back at camp. 

The beach was ready.  
Family and friends waited for the bride's arrival. 

Jorg helped with the photography. 

Ben kept an eye out for the bride's appearance. 

Music cued up. 

"Here comes the bride..."

Giving the bride away. 

"With this ring..."

First kiss as man and wife. 

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. 

To celebrate, the cloud cover has burned off and the sun warmed our souls. 

Ariel with her Dad and Stepmom

Ariel with her family

A special kiss from her sister. 

Ric and Ariel with her family

Ric, Ariel, Kevin and Ariel's family

Both families together

Ric and Ariel with his family

The wedding bunch

My favorite 7 year old!  
(Just because I can...)

A toast to the bride and groom

Bouquet toss

Winner, winner, chicken dinner - way to go Alexis.

Alexis and Ariel

Alexis, Ariel and Savannah

Back at camp, food and beverages were enjoyed by all.

Matt stayed behind during ceremony to monitor the grill.  

Thanks again for asking
 to be a part in preserving your memories. 

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