Thursday, August 7, 2014

Our Return to Kalaloch - 2014

Once again we ventured west for the Washington Coast.  
Our Idaho group was smaller than usual.  
One year old C and his parents were attendants in a friend's wedding in Couer d'alene this year and K2 were committed to a lacrosse tournament in Lake Tahoe. 
Even Papa was away on his adventure in the Fire Tower. 
Rep'ing the Idaho portion of our Or-Ida family was just Mr. T, his folks, myself and our fur family. 

Brit, (Nova), me (Ruger), Mr. T and Matt

After an overnight in the hotel room, we picked up our niece/cousin and continued our journey.  Niece/cousin isn't able to drive so Mr. T and his folks took over my vehicle and I drove her truck. 

There is nothing like arriving and unpacking.  Everyone spends time getting our adjoining camp sites "homey".  This process naturally involves at least one 'usie'. 

With sister-friend Kevin, her daughters Jorgan and Megan and granddaughter Alexis. 

So well organized...  it's like someone likes Thirty-One bags. 

Mr. T and friend A test out Jorgie's sleeping accomodations. 

First sunset! 
With Megan, Jorgan and Kevin

Just for our daughter - For years the Park Ranger has walked around late afternoons with a stuffed parrot on her arm.  Drove Erin nuts.  Yes it's a rain forest but a parrot - really?  
When I saw the bald eagle I knew she'd be thrilled!

First sunset.

Sadly my sweet sister-friend Kevin stumbled in the dusky evening after the sunset and fell onto the road.  She was determined to deal with her injuries by denying their existence.  She had road rash from her forehead to her chin and felt pain in her arm.   She didn't want to take from the upcoming wedding day but that morning I ended up driving her up to the ER in Forks.  Her arm was bruised and it hurt her to move it.  The doctor x-rayed and said it was fractured.  They sent her back to camp in a sling with orders to see an orthopedic surgeon at her first opportunity.  Kevin left for home, and 'real' medical treatment the day after the wedding. 

With Froggie, (Gunnar) and Jorg

We were the early morning crowd.  
We explored the tide pools in the morning before everyone woke in camp. 

Kalaloch Lodge

The kids enjoyed playing in the fresh water river which comes down from the hills.  The beach is sandy and the water calmer than the waves in the ocean.  

Rafting is always a favorite - just find a log for a paddle and another for a canoe - and float away. 

Ruger's first camping trip, and visit to the coast, was a success. 
He loved romping in the sand and did great sleeping with me in the tent.  

Beach Two was the site for Ric and Ariel's wedding.  
It's also where our families have scattered the cremains of Nan, Papo and Uncle Ric 
so there is extra special sentiment.

Over the years we visit Beach Two every year to pay our respect.  
There has always been a small stream coming down the hill onto the beach past the stump which marked our 'memorial'. 
This year it was bone dry.  

James was the officiate for Ric and Ariel's beach wedding. 

Looking south down the coast from Beach Two. 

Back at camp our DIL Brit spoiled our fur family members. 

We spent one afternoon at Ruby Beach.  The day started out cool from the cloud cover, but before we left we were treated to blue skies.

Chasing the waves.

Brit and good friend Erin.  
Erin and her husband Ben joined us this week.  The magic of Kalaloch continues. 

A fire to keep the chill off and cook lunch. 

 Matt enjoys some beach combing. 

Ariel's sister and niece treat us to some dancing. 

Newlyweds Ariel and Ric

No need for fancy toys to entertain.  
These 'boys' make a competition out of throwing stones into a bucket. 

We spent another afternoon hiking the trails near Lake Quinault.

Lake Quinault Lodge

Hikers - Jorgan, Froggie, Mr. T, Brit and Matt

Froggie found a four leaf clover

Big Cedar

It was a warm day.  
The temperature when we left camp was 62 degrees. 
It was 82 degrees when we arrived at Lake Quinault.  
By the time we finished our hike it was 95 degrees.  
We were delighted to return to the 60's in camp once again. 


About 3/4's way along the trail we discovered a foot bridge over a small stream. 
There were several little pools of water created by fallen logs. 
We all enjoyed a dip in the cool water. 

Mr. T


We love the blue hyrangeas

The back side of Lake Quinault Lodge from the water's edge. 


Lake Quinault

We relaxed and enjoyed the lunch we brought with us.  
Froggie and Mr. T took advantage of the green lawn to play. 

Brit, Mr. T and Matt

The week was relaxing and memorable even without all of our family.  
Already looking forward to our return visit. 

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