Monday, April 14, 2014

Neighborhood Loss

This morning I learned our quiet,little neighborhood has one less resident.  Jon passed away 2 wrrks shy of the age of 69, ending his battle with cancer.

Jon joined our neighborhood, sharing a wave or greeting when he was out walking his beloved dog.  He had a strikingly deep, friendly voice.  I commented once "Jon has a radio voice" and learned he was a former radio host on 580AM KIDO - The Jon and Chris Show - for more than a decade.

While dealing with his cancer, Jon faced so many challenges, including one I shared on my blog here. Neighborhood Fire.  This winter he dealt with the passing of his beloved dog Roo.  Mike befriended Jon, knowing to knock and enter his house for a visit.  We enjoyed paying it forward every winter, shoveling his driveway and walk.  We've watched his deterioration progress when he walked by - first a slow shuffle and eventually in a wheelchair - breathing in a little fresh air.

I'm grateful Jon's no longer suffering.  He is with God, and perhaps his special dog. Kathy, Jon's family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers.  May you find strength in God's guidance.

Rest in Peace Jon 

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