Saturday, April 12, 2014

From Top to Bottom...

Since our empty nest status has returned we've been talking a lot about having four bedrooms and only using two.  It would be lovely to have a single story home but then how would we get our exercise? 

Changing our mailing address or even our zip code is always a possibility when you are a military family, but moving after you've been in the same home for 12 years is something to seriously consider.  Our last major move was from Wisconsin - employment relocation...  left my home state, parents and siblings behind.  

Any how, I have slowly painted my way through the majority of our upstairs.  Guestroom, Grandson's room, Office and Hall Bathroom.  Even the upstairs hallway has been repainted.  We're talking ceilings and trim as well.  

Guest Room

Grandson's Room (with Ruger photobombing...)

Hall Bathroom (Hi Ruger!) 

And the office...  

We tore out the old carpet and pad, replaced with flooring purchased in 2011...  (don't judge).  We rebuilt shelves in the closet and hung new doors.  As of this weekend, we even have new blinds hung.

The Hall is painted  (partially as you can see the two colors in the corner) - but the second story of the hall/foyer will require paid assistance...  I'm not sending my husband up on a ladder to paint the three 2-story walls and I'm afraid of heights.  As we are heading downstairs we have more projects.  The living room and family room are partially painted and the stairwell will get new carpet and the banisters stained.  

By the end of the summer we will finally return to our master bedroom to paint and remodel the bathroom. No to worry - we won't run out of things to do any time soon.  We are saving the kitchen for last.  

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