Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wrapping up September...

Last weekend we drove up Norte der hey when I got off work on Friday.

Our usual scenic route was tainted with heavy smoke from the two fires along the way.

The worst being between New Meadows and Grangeville.

But that didn't stop us from our plans to visit Erin and Chris
who recently celebrated Erin's birthday and were preparing
 to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

We watched the Vandal Alumni Lacrosse game
 (any excuse for some 'laxing donchaknow)

(check out the haze hanging in the air...
perfect for a morning of strenuous outdoor athletic competition)

We had lots of fun catching up. 
What fun to see so many of the "old duffers" return for the game.

Despite the area's reputation for nasty and inebriated, we did not have a single drop.
We took Erin to dinner early Saturday and shared breakfast with both Sunday morning.
Both Erin and Chris worked Saturday night.
Mike and I entertained ourselves with a rebuild of their kitchen plumbing.
(Don't be jealous!)
I didn't even have a glass of wine or beer... (though in retrospect maybe it would have been better)

We had a great time visiting with special Moscow friends over lunch in their home.
We also were able to see for ourselves how 
the second trimester is treating Erin much better than the first.

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling off.

Our favorite five year old slept over Monday night and had swim lessons in the morning.

By the time he left for school I could no longer be a big girl.  I had to take a nap.

I worked Wednesday but came home Thursday early to spend the rest of the day like this...

(Do not adjust your monitor - I was horizontal all afternoon and into the evening...)

Friday morning the doctor said I had strep and tonsillitis...  REALLY?  How old am I?

If I really were five years old like most are with this ailment, I'd be getting the yummy liquid form of antibiotic instead of choking down these horse pills. 

I am happy to report that 24 hours into my meds I'm feelings more like my sassy self.
Though I would never turn down a nap mid-day.

After six weeks of hit and miss with my WW meetings on Saturday morning,
I decided this was as good a time as any - I needed to get back into my groove. 
Happily I showed a negative number. 
Getting back on track...

This afternoon I had my five year old assistant to help with groceries...

and we even had some fun in the park.  

Pushing forward into the new month.  Bring on October! 

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