Monday, October 8, 2012

Falling in Love with Monday

For over a year now I've had Monday and Tuesday's off and enjoy my "weekend extension" way more than I thought would be possible.  No more racing around Sunday trying to finish up those things I procrastinated over all weekend.  I've taken on a whole new outlook to Monday. 

Today happens to be the every of the every other Monday when Mike volunteers an extra day at Birds of Prey - which...  leaves me home without adult supervision AND I love it!  I know it sounds strange but I really do enjoy having the house all to myself once in awhile.

Today I feel especially ambitious.  Thankfully so as yesterday while cleaning out the garden, I got into some of the powdery mold which was growing on our dying pumpkin vines and last night was a struggle to breath.

Mike and I shared our morning routine - newspaper and coffee with the Today Show.  I made up a 'to do' list (usually this is a sign of what will NOT get done).   Before the urge to sit back down claimed me, I quickly got a load of bedding underway in the laundry.

Yesterday's yummy breakfast at Black Bear Diner was more than the single serving I've become accustomed and it made for a tasty leftover meal with my next cup of coffee.

We buy bananas regularly and for the most part eat what we buy.  However there are those times when they ripen too fast or just don't get eaten before turning brown.  In my opinion there is a micro-moment when bananas should be eaten...

When they reach the expiration date in this household we peel them and add them to the bagged collection of frozen overripe bananas in the freezer until the day comes when I feel particularly ambitious, the weather is 'just right', the planets align and banana bread gets made.

We were raised with Grandma Dreher's banana bread for holidays and Sunday meals.  Always delicious.  When I tracked down her recipe from one of my aunts years ago I was surprised to see how many steps she went through to make us the always perfect loaves.  Truly a sign of love!

However, my favorite 'back door' neighbor, Karen, shared her ONE-bowl recipe when we lived in Puerto Rico.  It's sooo much easier so I throw a couple of extra hugs and kisses into my thoughts while stirring to justify my laziness.

So I put on my favorite "will bake for wine" apron (just kidding) and made two separate double batches - one for loaves and one for muffins. 

AND thankfully our oven didn't start beeping and flashing it's "F-3" $400 warning. 

When done, I carefully stroke the front of the oven door with love and gratitude because it allowed me to have thoroughly baked banana bread and not a partial ooey-gooey mess.
How do you like my "homemade" cheddar potato soup?  Don't judge me!  (hehe)

Our newest daughter-in-law is coming over for dinner tonight - as well as a Precalculus tutoring session with her (former math instructor) father-in-law.  I told her tonight's instruction would include dinner to warm her tummy and give her sustenance.  Krieger is out of town "laxing" in Montana and she's been on the road so we don't want her to go hungry! 

Inbetween baking and stirring, I had to play a bit too.  Found this adorable proposal - I giggled until I laughed outloud - and by the time Mike came down to see what I was up to I was crying into a kleenex... 

Once clean up was done, I moved on to decorating the house with a few Autumn/Halloween decorations.  I still struggle with this in Idaho...  putting out Halloween decorations in my home state means cool temperatures, crunching leaves and the smell of changing seasons.  We are barely there.  And the only smell in the air is lingering smoke.

As crazy as it seems, my hanging pots on the porch as looking pretty good yet so I continue to water them every week.  I just don't have the heart to let go yet. 

Even moved the geraniums from the deck in back, to the front porch.  They still have so much color.

I spent several hours Saturday working and then treated myself to a trip downtown to Julia Davis Park with my camera.  I arrived too late to walk through the zoo so wandered around the park.  It's still bleak for Fall colors and the air quality was hazy but I managed to do some of my homework for my Tuesday photography classes. 
My Tuesday night class participants.

  My playlist on my iPod is still cranking out songs but I haven't heard all of my favorites.  Enough fun and games.  Time to head outdoors for a walk through the park and the neighboring "hoods". 

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