Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting into (Apple/Pear/Hourglass) Shape...

Recent developments (Weight Watchers) brought me to our closet door.  I decided it was time to clear it out and reorganize.  I pulled everything off the shelves and emptied the poles, piling it all in our room.   I looked at the stack of boots and quickly covered them with Mike's shoes to minimize the appearance of shoes that fit my feet. (I wonder if there is a 12-Step program for boots?  If so I should leave the literature for my sister...)

After wiping down shelves and mopping the floor I carefully contemplated what went back into the closet.  Clothes and shoes I no longer wear or no longer fit went into a pile in the hall.  I definitely put some thought into what I kept and felt really good about the enormous donation stack collected from both Mike and myself. 

Having done this I easily had no problem with spending one day this weekend playing.  Saturday was another day of College football in our household and the first crystal clear day we've had in a long, long time.  I headed out with my camera and new 50mm lens, determined to find some Fall colors.  Along my way I found myself making a brief stop at the Outlet Mall to look for a particular style of Wrangler jeans preferred by my hubby.  Admittedly I've whined about mentioned previously I am NOT a shopper, but I decided to check out Eddie Bauer since I was "in the area". 

The clerk quickly asked if she could help.  I told her I was in between sizes and planning to order a couple pairs on line where I could find the Tall sizes but wanted to see how close I was to the smaller size of jeans.  She assured me Eddie Bauer had Long sizes - she wore them.  We were about the same heights and size so I figured what the heck... 

Eddie Bauer offers different "figure styles"...  straight, slightly curvy and curvy. I told her what sizes I wanted to compare and which style.  She proceeded to hand me two pairs of the slightly curvy.  Then looked at me and said "you are a lot hippier than I am so you should try the curvy too"...  ok so even at my heaviest weight I haven't had curves.  I'm not hippy.  Of all the shapes I'd be more apple than pear or hour glass. 

As I took the jeans I managed to keep a straight face and headed for the changing room.  The first pair in my current/old size went on without bothering with the zipper or snap.  The second pair fit well though tighter than I've been accustomed.  The "curvy" pair in the smaller size went on and I laughed out loud.  I'm SO not a "Curvy Fit".  I looked like I had riding pants worn by Canadian Mounties...  I could have put both fists into the pouches that hung off my legs. 
After I emerged from the changing room the very enthusiastic clerk, certain she had a sale, was disappointed when I thanked her for her help and said the smaller size worked best in the slightly curvy but they were too short.  She asked about the curvy jeans.  I told her honestly they were too large through the hips.  She told said "hmm that surprises me..."

So yesterday I sat at the sewing machine and resized my current jeans.  It's a done deal.  No going back.  I've been struggling with my focus the past couple of months, finding it difficult to increase my activity level and burn more calories. There is no where to go but DOWN! 

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