Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years...

I'm not happy with the outcome of the election. However I was raised to respect the office of the President of the United States. I don't have respect for the man in office, nor his values. In fact the split in the United States frightens me. He is not a leader. He does not have the ability to unite.

However our democratic system allows us to vote and choose. My fellow citizens made their choices and the majority chose to keep the President in office. So be it.

We have to work together and be strong despite what is happening around us. Show our children how to face adversity. Our grandparents survived the Great Depression. Our parents survived a recession. We will fight off hints of socialism flaunted in our faces and endure.

The concession speech was reflective of the man running and his campaign. Peaceful and prayerful. Perhaps he was too passive and people felt he wouldn't do well. Whatever the reason, the vote is done.

I want to keep God in our fundamental beliefs - not just in our homes and churches. I want the Pledge of Allegiance taught to our children and said in our schools.

It's not about race. It's not about freebies. It's about hard work, determination, and pride. Pride in our country. Pride in ourselves. Too many folks looking for bail outs, hand outs and what they will be given without their own hard work.

My frustration goes beyond what my husband and I may lose... It goes beyond our house value dropping or our military benefits dropping, healthcare and pension reduced. I fear for our family as they start out on their own in this struggling economy. I worry for their well being, employment and housing. I worry for our grandchildren (all of them) as they grow and face new stages of life.

I will pray for my loved ones. I will pray for their safety and good health. I will continue to pray for our country. I will pray for unity where we are divided. I will pray for guidance and strength for our military. I will pray for our United States.

... and this is the end of my one and only political rant.

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