Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This weekend our favorite five year old was left in the care of his grandparents.  His folks drove over to Washington to participate in the Navy promotion ceremony for a good friend.  The five year old spent Thursday and Friday with his maternal grands.  We picked him up Saturday morning for our turn. 

 Guess who's grandson is in the spotlight at the Y this month? Yep! 

 My partner in crime.  Papa was camped out with his Saturday schedule of college football.  It happens once a year and I don't worry.  It gives me time to run and play as I choose for a few hours too.  This weekend I had a sidekick.  We managed to run a few errands, take a few pictures for a project I'm working on, and scout out some stores for the perfect pieces we were seeking for a gift.  I even had a date for lunch!

 Clearly Lola was thrilled to have her five year old stalker in the house for the weekend.  He's learning to approach her slowly and she even sticks around once in a while.

 We had to work in the yard for awhile.  My "Super" helper found his cape to make the tasks go quicker.  I cut back day lilies and iris.  Later we dug the iris out of the flower beds and carried them over to their new zip code and replanted. 

 And we found a really cool bug in the yard...

The basket of puzzles was a good place to find what we needed to keep busy.

We had to get ready for swim lessons in the morning.

 Time for school.  Dressed, teeth brushed and gel in hair, he turns to me, makes this face and hand motions, does a little strut and says "Rock Star". 

Schools done.  Waiting for his folks who are their way home again.  He wanted to work his "States" puzzle.  He's getting pretty darn good at this one.  We always pick out where he, Papa and Boppy were born (Washington), where his Cousin Friends live (Oregon), where Denie and Granpas live (Wisconsin), Uncle Michael (Virginia) and Auntie Di, Uncle Kevin and the kids (Illinois).  He shows me Utah, Texas and Alaska (it's where Whitee grew up Drahma).  I always loved this puzzle when I was a kid (hush there were STILL 50 states then too!) and think we'll keep working on State Capitals too.
It was a fun weekend, a little more energy, louder giggles and constant five year old questions.  And with him back in his own bed, today was way too quiet today! 

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Erin Murray said...

That is so much fun! I wish we lived closer so we could do more with him.