Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm torn...

It's fairly common knowledge of my birth rite - I'm a proud Cheesehead.  We cheer on the Wisconsin Badgers and the Green Bay Packers, just the same way you root on your home team.  It's not just in Texas that follows their teams to obsession.

Tonight I watched the Packers playing in Seattle.  Had I thought about it sooner we might have tried to get tickets and make the trip but honestly with all the other summer events I just didn't consider it a possiblity.  Our daughter and son-in-law did...  they went to the game to celebrate their first anniversary. (Jealous!)

The first half of the game was a disappointment to Packer fans.  Penalties abounded for both sides.   Nothing seemed to work - the Pack just didn't have their mojo.

The second half our Packers came out prepared to fight and you betcha did they ever.  Their hurry-up offense seemed to set Seattle back on their heels for awhile. 

The first three weeks of the NFL season has been plagued with the referee strike and inexperienced whistle blowers on the field.  Tonight's game was no different.  The referees had so many questionable calls and at the end - two obvious calls...  a pass interference call on Sam Shields and then the ultimate 'YGTBSM' when the cluster of Packers and Seahawks jumped for the final pass in the end zone, Tate pushing down Shields to climb higher, Jennings clearing Tate and coming down with the ball pulled tight to his chest. 

The crowd went wild.  The players were struggling to gain control but the camera angles showed Jennings with the ball and Tate tugging.  The commentators were calling it a simultaneous catch.  The referees?  Scroll down to see what they did (in case you went to bed at dusk or have been living in a cave.)

 And after reviewing the scoring call as required the play on the field remained as it was called...  A touchdown for Seattle (not the interception). I don't know what was worse.  Listening to the commentators declare the incompetency of the referees covering for the NFL referees on strike now or watching the Seattle coaching staff, players and fans scream like they won.  It wasn't a win.  It was a gift.

Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rogers both showed what a class act they are in the interviews that followed.  Seattle's quarterback Wilson did his best to play down the controversy but still enjoy his "W".  Sadly all the talk that is inevitable, takes away from Seattle's defense which brought the Packers to a standstill the first half.  The defense managed to shut down our MVP quarterback and even sack him 8 times. The poor refereeing takes from Rookie quarterback Wilson's repeated 'Hail Mary' attempts to put the ball over and over, in the end zone.  What an arm. 

What is it going to take to bring back the NFL referees to the field?  At what point will the team owners say enough is enough.  I think it's time as a fan to show our dissatisfaction and do what will affect their bottom line - I love my Packers but if this is the quality of the game we are left to watch, I'm done watching.

I'm not a poor sport.  I accept defeat and acknowledge when our team is outplayed.  This was NOT one of those times.   Seattle's famed 12th man was wearing black and white tonight. 

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