Friday, March 23, 2012

How I Spent the (Past) Weekend...

Isn't it amazing when you plan for something "off in the distance" and suddenly it's the week before and then in a blink of an eye you are home again, unpacked and some-what rested.

Hubby picked me up after work on Thursday and we headed West. It was a wet drive across the Columbia River Gorge. Because of our late start I'd made reservations to overnight along the way and we arrived around midnight for a good night's rest in Cascade Locks.

AM Photo Shoot in Cascade Locks

Friday AM we were up early enough to drive the last 2-1/2 hours to meet our friends Mike & Linda at the Deli in Centralia. There was a plate of Debbie's biscuits and gravy with Tim's thick sliced bacon with my name on it! We had plenty of time to catch up on family news as well as a visit with Debbie & Tim.

Our drive to the coast was still wet. We were surprised to see snow standing on the sides of the road. Of course we usually are heading this direction in July... We were so pleased to see the clouds breaking and blue skies as we neared the coast.

Once the cars were unpacked we headed for the beach, before the kids arrived. Winter storms shuffled the logs around from our last visit in September but we could still find a path with minimal climbing. I managed to get a few shots of the beach before hearing my husband say "Linda fell and hit her head!".

I took this picture just prior to Linda (behind her Mike) falling... dang!

Linda's husband Mike and I backtracked to find her laying on her side, between logs. Her knee gave out on her as she was climbing over a log. She hit her arm on a partially buried log in the sand but managed to catch her head from smacking into same log. We gradually got her back up sitting and then gingerly lifted her where she could sit on a log and twist her legs over to the other side. Her husband took her 'good side' while I grabbed hold of her jeans and we got her to the next log where we repeated our forward motion. It took awhile to clear the logs and rocks, and get her up the stairs.

Once in the cabin we assessed she should probably get her arm x-rayed. The guys asked at the Lodge and a Park Ranger was sent to the cabin. Lesson #1. Park Rangers are also E.M.T's. He took her vitals, checked her glucose (she is diabetic and breakfast was a ways down there), wrapped her knee and splinted her arm in a sling AND recommended she go to the hospital in Forks for x-rays. Lesson #2. There is a hospital in Forks. (Who knew? - although later I was reminded that Carlisle Cullen worked at the Forks Hospital in Twilight - silly me!)

We were still waiting on our kids so Mike & Linda headed up to Forks where she was x-rayed and found out the shoulder was broken at the ball and fractured in the bone down her arm. They contacted the hospital in Everett, around the Sound, for surgery. Unfortunately this also meant returning the 40 miles to the cabin, retrieving their dog and belongings and then another 4 hours to Everett. She was thoroughly braced, iced and medicated for the trip. :-) But by the time they dropped the dog and emptied the car at their home and returned to Everett, it was 1:30 in the morning. The hospital didn't know they were coming (not sure who Forks Hospital made arrangements with...) but Linda finally was admitted by 4am.

Linda had surgery Saturday around noon and remained hospitalized until Monday night. We were able to keep tabs on both of them via the occasional texts and phone calls when we found enough bars to complete our mission.

We missed them dearly - our weekend plans didn't go quite as planned - however we had wonderful weather for our visit and some quality time with the kids walking the beach looking for treasures.

We taught GS to play Trouble... he's too good!

We were blessed to spend time with Papi, Burt and GS. We hiked to Beach 2 (where we scattered the cremains of Mike's folks in '97) in the sunshine while the tide went out. We combed the beach and found treasures - possibly some Tsunami 'artifacts'. We told stories about Nan & Papo. We enjoyed the beauty of a pair of mature bald eagles as well as a yearling. It seemed appropriate since every visit (since scattering the cremains) has been met with bald eagle sightings.

NOT the Newlyweds NOR Bald Eagles - just two old duffs on the beach

The Newlyweds were enjoying a "mini-honeymoon" last week, bunked in a cabin next door and shared meals with us. They explored north to Browns Point, definitely a place where the rest of us will wander during a future visit.

We decided to stop in the Portland area on the way home. Unfortunately due to an accident on the 405, we missed all but the last 30 minutes of great-niece Savannah's soccer game. Fortunately we were able to share a meal all together with the Oregon Shaws before heading east again.

It was a fast weekend with unexpected drama but we learned a few things, relaxed and returned home ready to face our Spring 'to do' list. (H.E.L.P!)

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