Sunday, March 11, 2012

Backyard Progress...

I'm sure the Bride & Groom-to-be are a bit uncertain when they look out into our back yard... Doesn't quite look up to entertaining for a Rehearsal dinner right now.

Last fall we removed decking from the deck frame in order to rebuild and redo the top. The weather is rough on wood... lesson learned.

Our oldest son is smartly reusing the weathered boards to create raised garden beds. He also used the boards to frame out a deck space for their home. Smart lad!

Lumber will be ordered the end of the month and hopefully the weather will continue to improve so the guys may start rebuilding our deck.

The area between the house and the shed will be covered with flagstones and pavers. We want to create some paths and an area for the BBQ (read future 'outdoor kitchen'). We will finally have a nice area for the fire pit - away from grass, trees, deck and house.

We started removing topsoil and leveling out the area. Top soil will be carted over to the new raised garden beds - look at us recycling and reusing...

Meanwhile our oldest son removed the older boards from the original deck - and found Riley's stash. It was one of those moments that make you smile in your heart and feel sad all at the same time. Sigh...

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