Monday, March 5, 2012

Egg on Our Face...

I am fastidious about record keeping. Read OCD. I file our warranties. I file our receipts. I organize the file cabinet and keep it updated.

Our washer has been off balance a couple of times. Today it was NOISY - not loud-in-the-same-room-noisy - we're talking upstairs-too-loud-to-carry-on-a-conversation.

I called our trusty repairman. We've used the same company for several appliances.

They were out within the hour. Started up the machine. I sighed when it started the loud whirring noise in the spin cycle. Verdict... bad bearings and an $800 estimate. Time to go shopping...

We ventured out to the appliance store to look around. Our favorite sales person recommended someone in the store to help us. He nodded sympathetically and asked when we purchased the machines and didn't we get an extended warranty.

We were sure it was in the past 4-5 years. After all, we've had the repairman come out at least two times for something previously. The warranty - no idea. Surely it had expired by now.

Our knight in shining armor checked the records and (ANGELS SINGING) we purchased the set less than 3 years ago AND purchased a five year extended warranty. CHA-CHING. We were no longer looking at replacing our washer on our dime. The store repairman will come out tomorrow, verify the repairs that need to be done and determine if it will be fixed or REPLACED!


Of course all the way home we sat shaking our heads. We immediate went through the folder with all the washer and dryer documents... not one thing mentions a warranty purchased. But NOW it does!

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