Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Not-So-Routine Week

A typical week for us starts out with our 'to-do' list, matching appointments, errands and projects.  Mike volunteers once or twice up to Birds of Prey, Erin comes over for laundry day and 'girls play time'. But lately our projects have taken over.  We have really been kicking @$$ and taking names to reach our intended goal.

Last weekend we ended up with both of our grandsons here Saturday.  Baby C's folks had dinner plans downtown and Mr. T's folks were heading out on the motorcycle for a quiet dinner after a day of garage cleaning.  Papa and I split the list.  I headed out to run errands.  Papa worked on shelves for the garage.  After too many years we finally a tidy garage...  I don't even cringe when the door opens.  I bought a paint for 3 of the bedrooms but painting was delayed because of time with grandsons.

Monday morning I was determined to make things happen.  The guest room was emptied of furniture and calling my name.  Unfortunately so was work.  My job-share coworker left word she wasn't coming into work and I was asked if I could help.  I opted out of Monday with the promise to work the rest of the week.  I had a goal - to get the guest room painted - ceiling, walls and trim.  Well two out of three isn't bad...

I love going in to work when it isn't expected.  Everyone is so appreciative and welcoming. Despite only working four days I still managed over 40 hours and kept all of my afternoon appointments

Ruger is doing great with his pet training - when he is at class.  At home he behaves like a 3rd grader high on sugar.  Actually he is a good puppy - and I have to keep reminding myself despite the fact he has a 'big boy' haircut and is nearing his full-grown status, he is still just that - a puppy.  He sits, lays down, stays and obeys leave it.

Ash Wednesday mass was this week.  We now have 40 days to reflect the meaning of Lent.  It's a good starting point to make changes in your life - especially changes for the better which will be able to carry on beyond Easter.

We all make sacrifices for Lent.  We try to let go of a vice.  For some it's chocolate, soda or coffee.  For others it might be eating dinner out,  .  Two years ago I gave up Facebook.  Most try to leave something behind.  In previous years I've tried to do something different - pay it forward, help someone in need, do something without being asked - you get my drift. I like this idea better.

Father Len discussed our vices and leaving them behind after 40 days.  I am trying hard to be less critical of others during Lent  I've never been a big 'pollyanna' type of person.  I call it like I see it.  I'm finding I enjoy the challenge I've chosen.  I've also given up idle-ness (is that a word?)  Even if it's just a walk every night with Ruger.

After two years following weight watchers, I've changed to my Fit Bit which is worn - and registers steps. I come close to 10,000 steps most days - and have met that goal often.  I can log additional activities, meals, water, and best of all my sleep.  It's been interesting to see how the restless periods affect how I feel during the day.

With the weekend once again up on us, we had two big ticket items - the back yard spring clean up and finishing painting.  After checking our weather satellite maps it was easily decided to work outdoors Saturday and inside Sunday.  I raked the flower beds and the entire back lawn. I rearranged some stones left over from previous ponds to make a small wall along the edge of the deck.  Mike trimmed grapes and berries.  It all looks pretty spiffy in an early spring sort of way.

AND we still managed to take a break long enough for Mr. T's soccer game during the afternoon!

We will definitely be doing some seeding this year to recuperate from the bug that ate the roots last year, but for now the shrubs are groomed, flower beds cleaned and grass raked.   Ruger spent most of the afternoon dropping a ball at my feet and chasing after when it's thrown.  He was dragging grapevines out of the pile as soon as they were collected.

Naturally we took advantage of the clippings that were bigger and enjoyed a few moments by the fire pit as well.

Saturday evening we shared a dinner date and sleep over with Mr. T.  He joined us for Mass today and did very well. The gray, gloomy skies didn't bring out the best in me.  I've been struggling with a couple of things lately and had hoped this was the weekend my folks were coming for a visit.  They had to delay because of my Aunt's health.  So today we weren't very productive and boy - I really missed that extra hour of sleep!

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