Sunday, February 9, 2014


Sunday night.  I sit at my computer feeling exhausted - brought on by a nasty, lingering cold I cannot shake, thoughts going on in my head and things for which I have no control.

It seems lately I continually log into social media and find myself shaking my head or wanting to respond with something completely unacceptable.  It was time to wake up and ask myself some serious questions.  Do I alienate those people who feel they should always be at the top of my news feed?  Do I respond with a comment that makes me feel better?

After the umpteenth time I read my news feed, wondered the intent of comments made and signed off - once and for all.  I deactivated the account.  Oh it's still there.  I can log on any given moment and step right back into the 'mean girl' drama but why bother.

I took it a step further and removed Snapchat and all but two of the games I play with family and friends. I regained some control - and you know what?  It feels marvelous!

There are so many impersonal relationships in social media.  Oh sure. you can drop a quick note to say Hi. You can put up pictures to share.  But where is the interaction?  Sadly its not just friends - its family interaction too. 

Now maybe I can finally get around to finishing the multiple blogs I've started and never finished.  Or at least reacquaint myself with my creative side once again.  As for reaching me...  I'm still in the same place, same email, same phone number. Lets talk!

At Peace


Mags Shaw said...

You are so on top of it. I need to follow what you do more frequently. Was a couple of days late, but deactivated FB as well. Felt a little lost, as you said, contact with some friends is enjoyed, but all the stress and BS isn't. Thanks for the boost. Love ya!

Mags Shaw said...

Tried this once, but found out I was a "robot" Should listen to you more frequently (no, I didn't really say that). Have deactivated my FB too. I'm missing some friends who only are seen through FB, but like you said I'm still here. Thanks for the idea!