Monday, February 24, 2014

Productivity at its Finest

This weekend we found ourselves feeling VERY productive.  It was a continuation of our productive week.  Saturday we were up early - that's what happens when you are exhausted on Friday night and sleep a solid 8 hours because you go to bed early.

Our roommates moved into their own cozy apartment last weekend (I miss them already).  We spent the weekend looking after our youngest grand.  Sunday night as they drove away with the last of their belongings, i.e. the cats; I resisted the urge to dive into a whole house deep clean (not because I was celebrating but because that's just the way I function) as I was working on Monday.  However, Mr. T was sleeping over since school was off for Presidents Day.  I rearranged the 'boy's bedroom' enough for a good night's sleep. 

After work Monday I started washing bedding and reloading empty closets.  We met up with Matt and Brit to turn over Mr. T to his folks once more.  Mr. T and Papa had a busy day of errands and some how managed to stay out of trouble. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent washing walls, shampooing carpet and large area rugs.  I remade the beds and continued my mad organizing of closets.  The first load was delivered to Idaho Youth Ranch and arrangements were made for an 'in-house' pick up of some larger items. 

Thursday and Friday I took a reprieve and went to work to rest my tired, aching muscles.  We made a couple of mental lists - some long range planning if you will - giving ourselves a time line for projects around the house.  There are plenty to keep us out of trouble, but we have a goal to reach.

Saturday we hit the ground running...  I walked Ruger around the park trails in our neighborhood taking advantaged of the sunshine.  We braved the crowds at Costco and the grocery store but successfully restocked our very empty pantry.  In celebration we toasted National Margarita Day with a shared plate of nachos and a couple of adult beverages. 

After Mass Sunday we soaked up some vitamin D and emptied the shed of it's overflowing contents, scrubbed the floor and the mini-frig before reloading the loft and shelves with only items that had been sorted and organized (though I bet he snuck in a few things too...).  Mike filled up both the trash and recycling bin.

Since the shed was his project and I was desperate to stay outdoors, I found a task of my own.  The wood pile (yes the wood pile) has been an eye sore for over a year.  Trimmed branches cut and piled haphazardly and leaves from two Falls caused me to avert my eyes whenever I headed that direction.  So yes, I confess, I organized/cleaned our wood pile.  I used my favorite tool in the world - the sawzall - to trim branches down to burning lengths, raked out leaves, pulled small kindling pieces (avoiding nasty hiding critters) and re stacked the logs.  The whole time burning any extra pieces of timber so that we might have a cozy, relaxing fire to enjoy while we took periodic breaks. 

When the embers burned down we wrapped up our time outdoors, with our chilled beers empty, we were ready to call it a day.  Chicken wings were thawing, showers happened and we answered the door bell to discover Mr. T and his folks out for a drive.  Soon after our daughter and Baby C showed up to use the laundry.  Additional wings were thawed, more veggies added to the pot and a controlled chaos ensued as the spontaneous visit evolved.

So as we start the new week we have cleared closets, organized storage, donated items, shampooed floors and washed walls - putting our empty nest back in order.   Temperatures are promising to be a huge Spring tease this week and we will take full advantage despite the little voice in the back of my head reminding me it's still February.

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