Saturday, December 15, 2012

Scents of Christmas

Much to my surprise, flowers were delivered to our doorstep this morning. 
The card read "To Deb from Michael". 
I looked at my husband and asked "Are these from you?" because quite honestly I figured he owed me an apology for his ommision Thursday night (a story to be shared soon).
Mike tried to assure me they weren't from him.  Admittedly there are a few Michaels in our life.
He said they were from my brother Michael.
In all my years, I've never received flowers from my brother. 
I silently grinned.  What a thoughtful gesture.
(Hand raised) and yes  - I did go on-line and check our credit card account
because I really didn't believe my husband.
I even texted my sister and asked if she had received anything from our little brother.
She did! And soon after I learned our Mom got flowers too. 
If he were 13 and not 43 I'd wonder if he were up to something. 
I've always known he has a soft side. 
I love how he stays in touch with his nieces and nephews. 
I love how he helped them with book money when they were in school.
I love how he wanted to stay with Matt and Brit when he visited this summer for the wedding.
I love that he sent us flowers!
Merry Christmas little brother.
I love you. 

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