Saturday, December 15, 2012

Decorations Up...

 So how do two empty nesters (one who has no business being on a rooftop and the other who is afraid of heights) manage to make the outside of their humble abode look festive for the Christmas holiday?  Well since you asked I'll share - You hire a Rooftop Ninja

Our usual high.altitude.aerial.stunt.marshall was still working out of town but we were fortunate to have a contingency plan.  Actually I think the back-up has been the go-to for the past couple of years by default since he's now local.

I'm delighted to add, this Rooftop Ninja is reasonably priced and worked us into his newlywed schedule for the mere cost of Chicken and Dumplings. 

A very skilled Rooftop Ninja
Meanwhile inside preparations were being made for payment in full.  No PayPal account required for this transaction. American Express is not accepted.  Just a few ingredients...

Carrots, celery and onion

Idaho's finest potatoes
Chicken pieces simmering in the stock.

(Insert Jeopardy time clock music here...)

Voila - a ultra yummy smelling pot of chicken and vegetables
It's not a meal I grew up eating because my Dad over-indulged on it's inexpensive fixings as a youth and no longer cared for the meal.  Since our move  to the West, it's become a cold weather staple.  And it is traditionally our First Night Meal at Kalaloch. (Thank you Oregon Shaw's for the introduction!)

When I think of chicken and dumplings, OUR version includes a biscuit-type dumpling cooked on top of the soup mix.

Recently I saw a version on a cooking show which was made with a similar recipe except the dough was rolled out flat, cut into noodles and dropped into the boiling soup mixture.  One of these days I just might step up my routine and try the noodle dumplings.

Of course I could always use the same dough and roll them into one inch oblong beads - this is how Rosa use to make her dumplings in Venezuela. I found them comforting but Mike, not-so-much.
With the dough mix dropped into the top of the boiling soup, it cooks covered for a spell and then uncovered until the 'dumplings' are done. 

Dumplings - nothing easier...  Bisquick and milk
And because I love both of our Rooftop Ninja's I diligently made bought a Razzleberry pie from Auntie Marie to serve up with our homemade (seriously are you kidding?) vanilla ice cream.

FAIL (did I mention I hate my oven!)
 On a lighter note - the outside of the house resembles a beacon for lost and weary travelers - and our Christmas trees inside stand straight and tall adorned with our memories of trips we've made as a family and special reminders of family and friends.
LED's are much brighter than the old type...

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