Sunday, December 16, 2012

Red Means Stop

Mike went to a meeting in Middleton Thursday night.  He rode the motorcycle since I was working. This is not normal practice but we were busy at work with cases and Mike and I were unable to connect before he had to leave for his meeting.

He was coming home east bound. While braking for the red light on Chinden at Linder (Fred Meyer corner) the light turned green so he started accelerating. Typical of so many intersections here the car going south bound ran the red light. Mike was prepared as he approached and was watching for the car. Mike braked hard and dumped bike. It rolled a couple times.

Fortunately Mike was wearing his full helmet and leathers. The visor broke off and the side of the helmet is scraped. The wind screen frame is bent. There is a signal light broke. The highway bar did its job protecting the bike but it too is bent and scraped.

Thank goodness some folks stopped and helped to stand the bike - and check on Mike. The other driver did NOT even brake, let alone stop!

Mike initially tried calling for the Roadside Service but its an East Coast number and no one answered. (Guess we will have to check that out...). He accessed the damage to the bike, determined it was still rideable so headed for home. Didn't feel any pain - adrenaline rush?!

The roads were wet - a skiff of snow was starting. He doesn't normally ride this time of year at night. Daylight only - cold to a point but not freezing. We just didn't get our schedules organized this week.

Once home he didn't say anything to me when he came in. I'm not in the habit of checking him over after a ride so I had no clue something occurred. He said he was chilled and went up to shower. It was nearly bedtime so nothing was suspicious about finding him in bed reading.

In the morning he usually is up before me otherwise I would have gone off to work without a clue anything happened to him. However as I came out of the bathroom he had his back to me across the room. His upper hip was swollen out the side. I walked over to him saying "What the heck... " and saw a big bruise starting on his leg. When asked he said "I may have dumped the bike last night." Sheez - MAY HAVE?!

He laid back down because he felt nauseas. I asked if he hit his head. He confirmed the helmet damage and broken visor. Enough said... I called work to say I would be in late and told him we were going to the ER.

Injuries assessed revealed the swollen bruise on left hip, right bruised wrist and thumb and pain under left arm in his chest.

The staff drew blood and X-rays were taken of hip and chest. Orthostatic's taken. (Blood pressure and respiration laying down, sitting and standing). No blood found in his urine. Heart was running good.

No cracks or breaks. Contusion of the ribs causing the shortness of breath. Just the ugly bruise on his hip. Hallelujah there was nothing broken under skin. No internal injuries.

He was sent home with Norco for pain and told to hydrate, rest and ice his bruises.

When we got home we checked the Harley in the daylight. Most (maybe all) the damages currently visible may be repaired at home. Thank goodness for insurance. After we called we learned they will even replace the helmet and we hadn't even asked.

His leathers are in good shape. There is a scrape on the side on the jacket which correlates to the point of pain in his chest. He must have hit something - maybe the handlebar - going down.

Now for the 'talk'. Daylight riding in good weather only. We will have to be more proactive about scheduling things. We've never had a problem making it work with just the Tahoe for inclement transportation.

He spent the past couple of days following doctor's orders... Hard to believe. I think he is hurting a tad more than he lets on.

The bruising on his leg has increased dramatically over the past couple of days but the motion in his arm and pain in the chest is improving.

There is no doubt about it... Mike has an angel riding with him (Thank you Rex) AND God definitely is not ready for him yet.

Top - Friday 6am - Middle - Friday 9pm - Bottom - Saturday 9am

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