Monday, September 27, 2010

Why I Love the Fall Season...

I love cooler temperatures and rainy days. I love splashing in puddles, even if no one is looking!

I love lazy afternoons in warm sweatpants and socks, cozying up with my favorite 3 year old.

I love the colors in soft, warm quilt. I love how they take the chill from our soul and bring a smile to our heart.

I love the art work of Mother Nature. Her multi colored trees treat us to a color extravaganza before falling to the ground.

I love to rake leaves! I love the rustle and crunch. In no time at all, you get a pile big enough to jump and toss the leaves into the air.

I love the harvest. The corn cribs full and ready for winter. Brings back memories of my home state.

I love pumpkins... and gourds... and squash in warm, toasty colors.

I love the textures of fields, no longer blowing in a pattern in the wind but now layers of future food and warmth for the animals, stored in rolls and blocks.

I love the vineyards. I love the grapes. I love the colors. Ok so really I love the wine.

I love that the season brings us this magnificent fruit. I love the smell of a bushel of apples. I love the colors. So many treats in our future. Homebaked pies, apple struedel, apple crisp, caramel apples, apple cider.

I love the season that brings us temperatures calling us to stay inside and make homemade bread. The therapy of kneading. The soothing smell of yeast rising. What could be better than the smell of fresh baked bread? The first warm slice with fresh butter melting into the crevices.

I love the season that brings out our crock pots and stock pots and fills them with homemade soup. My comfort food.

I love football and getting to enjoy a Vandal football game with my Vandal students. I love the fact that my Vandal flag is proudly displayed on the front of our home - in the heart of Bronco territory.

I love this season. I HEART the PACK! There is no other NFL football team owned by the people. Starting their season with Training Camp, meeting the local children, riding their bikes in tandem to the practice field. They love their fans. The fans love their players. The Lambeau Leap! It started with Robert Brooks. Such a heart. I love the Pack (Did I say that already?!)

I love the Fall season.

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Amy said...

Now where the heck is it? (Fall)