Monday, September 20, 2010

Dad's Weekend

Dad's weekend at University of Idaho. I thought I might sneak in a weekend 'home alone' but was told by Krieg 1) Mom's come up for Dad's weekend to make sure Dad stays out of trouble and 2) it's just a day after Erin's birthday and I really should make the trip...

I did. It was great fun.

We left after work Friday night. Upon our arrival we headed downtown to The Alley and enjoyed a fun bluegrass band.

Previous visits we were entertained by 'Elaine' and the Cowboy. This visit we were not disappointed by the locals as 'LBD and cowboy boots' jumped, skipped, bobbed and shimmied her way around the dance floor. I tested out the durability of my booted foot and danced (read hobbled) on the floor with our daughter too. Figured I couldn't look any worse.

No trip to Moscow, on the weekend, is complete without a Saturday visit to Farmer's Market. The food selections and fresh coffee make me a happy camper - and there are always good deals on fresh fruits and veggies.

Of course we had to check out the Latah County Fair. Erin had a fellow gardening friend who entered pickled cucumbers - scratch that - A pickled cucumber. It wasn't too hard to find Bob's jar of pickle.
We opted for a later arrival and met up with Krieg as the tailgating was winding down before the game. We had supplemental beverages in our bags for the game.

The Vandal vs UNLV football game was in the Kibbie Dome. We started out with Krieg in the student section. It was loud and the energy vibrated. Everyone stood for the National Anthem and never sat down. I knew there was no way Mike would last standing for the duration of the game nor did I want to stand so we wandered around the end of the building to the other side of the field. We ended up sitting next to lacrosse parents/friends. The temperature was 15 degrees cooler, the noise level tolerable and we could SIT! Dang we are getting old!

The game was televised on ESPNU. Krieg and buddies were on TV several times as we got updates from Matthew, watching the game at home in Boise. Vandal beat UNLV soundly 30-7.

The game was in the evening and we'd skipped dinner so headed back downtown after the game to Mingles for a sandwich. By the time our food arrived we were ready for 'to go' boxes to escape the post-game crowds who'd finally caught up with us.

Two late nights - I saw hours of the morning I've only worked during grave yard shifts in recent years - and lots of running with Erin was great fun. Mike enjoyed his Vandal Dad's Weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed the quality time with my kids!

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Wytee's Gal said...

This was such a great weekend! I had so much fun and will remember that weekend for years to come!!