Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Be Careful Repeating 800 Phonetic #'s...

We were looking for the information on Gold Forks Hot Springs when visiting the area. Mike found an advertisement and told Krieg the number was 1-866-Goldforks.

Krieg called - waiting to hear how late they were open - and instead looked up from his phone with his jaw dropped to his chest and a red tint rising to his ears. He said "sheez Mom - is this some kind of joke?". I thought he was pulling my chain as poking fun at Mom is a National Past-time in our family. He insisted the recorded message was NOT Gold Forks but something a tad more suggestive...

Ok, so I couldn't resist. You know what? He was right!

The number wasn't G-O-L-D-F-O-R(K-S)... it was G-L-D-F-R-K-S.

Oops! Guess who else was blushing.

(Ah-ha - go ahead... you know you are gonna...!)

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Trana Family said...

ha ha ha!!! I love it! That happened when I worked at DTV. Customers were calling some 1-800 DirecTV # and it was instead a sex hotline!!! ha ha they were freaking out.. pretty funny!