Saturday, August 28, 2010

Feeding my OCD

Today the temperatures outdoors are finally cooperating. I've been wanting to dig into the garage attic for months (read years). Today is the day!

We moved in this house November 2002 from a larger house. We downsized before it was cool to downsize. Many things were donated and sold. It was an emotional move - Mike lost his job, we sold our home built a year previously, and I was just starting a new job. We still had four (smaller) bedrooms and a much smaller garage. The attic was our safe haven for things we didn't know what to do with but weren't prepared to get rid of yet.

Since then we've added, made weak attempts at reorganizing. Partly because the stairway was scary unsafe. Last fall the guys upgraded the attic stairs. I've just been waiting - for that right day. Today is the right day!

Military plaques, kid's storage, trains sets, I can't even remember it all... Mike is always giving me grief about organizing, sorting and giving things away. Today I have his approval. He is in agreement. It needs to be done.

It's a new dawn for clutter! My OCD-ness will reach a new high!

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