Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer - Finally...

We finally were able to enjoy sunshine and summer like temperatures.

Saturday Taten and I were invited to a 4 year old birthday party hosted by a coworker. How special for Gramma Deb to get to show off her young charge and watch him play with other 2-4 year old boys. He only hesitated for a moment when entering the bouncy house - which was actually shaped like a train engine.
I was warned to be watching but Tate only gave the birthday boy a side glance while gifts were opened. He commented about one of the Thomas the Train items received but seemed content with another drink of his punch and some more watermelon. He even remembered his 'please' when asked if he wanted a birthday hat while eating cake.

I just love watching little guys interact. As things were winding down, Tate joined Orion and 4 year old Mason in the bouncy house. They giggled and squealed, all anxious to show their bouncing tricks.

Sunday the weather continued to hold out for us. Mike employed the brawn and brains of our sons to slide our patio cover from the rotting wood siding to the roof above, where it was reattached. We are starting the preparations for the long awaited house painting. Much to our dismay we have several spots of wood rot and water damage - all which seemed to have appeared just this Spring. We've got a contractor scheduled to come make the repairs and new rain gutters ordered to be installed prior to the painting which is on the calendar for mid-July.

I know it's probably something we could manage over time ourselves but with Matt & Krieg's schedules, and Mike's recovery, it's just not something I want to worry about. It wasn't easy but we've been putting money aside for the past year for this project.

We wound down our weekend with tritip dinner, corn on the cob and fresh salads, shared with the kids (less Erin) on the patio outdoors. Matt & Brit brought over their 'corn hole' game (aka bean bag toss) and relaxed away the remaining daylight hours in the back yard.

We'll get to do it again in a couple weeks when Erin comes home! I really cherish moments like this together.

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