Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday with Someone Special...

Today I felt productive. However, my 'to do' list was set aside with the visit of my favorite 3 year old and his daddy, who were out for a ride. His momma drove to Utah to pick up her niece. I think our two guys were lonely.

Matthew mowed our yard and then I watched Tate while he drove over to mow his own yard. Matt had to take the seat from the back of the jeep to load the mower. Tate and I took full advantage of the setting to sit in the shade, eat Otter Pops and watch the world go by.

Tate loves to use my iPhone for some of the game apps as well as the camera. Awhile back Papa and Grammy were babysitting one morning. I gave Tate my phone to play a game while we dressed and brushed our teeth.

Trying to maintain some modesty with our grandson in the room I quickly tossed my pj's in the hamper and dashed into the bathroom. As I enter the bathroom door I hear this sweet little voice say "Cheese Grammy". I panic and then think - how bad could it be.

When I finally regained control of my phone I took a moment to check out Tate's work expecting a dozen pictures of the dog and cats. Chalk one up for digital photography and the delete button. Our darling grandson had a great shot of my least favorite feature disappearing into the doorway revealing my efforts at modesty were lacking.

Here is our Saturday together - from Tate's point of view.

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Trana Family said...

sounds like you had a great time! He is pretty good with the camera!~