Tuesday, May 11, 2010


You have set yourself up for a lonely future. You continue to alienate everyone near you. When you finally carry out your move from this area it will be because you've exhausted any allies.

There was no need for you to have your husband email me because (gasp) I sent you an email, some 2-1/2 weeks ago, asking if you wanted to talk. No malice. No threats. Just an inquiry. We'd been friends for over five years. If you weren't feeling guilty about your poor behavior, you would have had the decency and respect to speak to me yourself.

You can rest assure I would have stopped sending the albums of lacrosse pictures I have always shared with team parents, but forgot you were in the parent group I used.

We've traveled in a similar circle of friends. I've gone out of my way to protect you and make excuses for your attitude for years. I no longer feel the need to do so. When asked I will share.

Get over yourself!

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Trana Family said...

I hate (strong word I know..) and I dont even know her.