Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm tired. No - I'm exhausted. Mike is making progress. He is able to get up and down the stairs with effort. The narcotics he takes are upsetting his stomach and causing other problems. We have several areas for him to rest now in the house.

I've barely made it out of sweats and a pony tail this week. I cooked tonight - fish tacos in honor of Cinco de Mayo. The smell made Mike more nauseous. Matt and Brit went to her grandparents to help with a demolition project. Dinner went straight from the oven to the refrigerator. No one to eat.

Tomorrow I head back to work. Thankfully it's a short week. I'm fortunate my boss was able to do some schedule rearranging to enable me to stay home with Mike until tomorrow. I've had a horrendous sinus headache on top of looking after Mike and being so tired.

In "other news" department, Matt & Brit are scheduled to close on their first home this week. It's very exciting! In addition, one more week and Krieg will be moving home too.

So much going on in our household. One day at a time...

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Trana Family said...

Im happy to hear you are feeling a little better and that Mike is doing a liitle better.. that is all we can ask for is a little better everyday!