Monday, April 12, 2010

Mom's Weekend

This weekend was a NON game weekend. The original Washington State lacrosse game was cancelled because their team folded. No need to hit the road. However...

Our neighbor's 17 year old daughter normally watches Riley and the girls. She has been talking to me about U of I. She has a friend who attends U of I. When we thought we were going up this weekend I invited her to come along. She was very excited to visit with her friend. I didn't have the heart to cancel on her. There are many things going on next weekend at U of I when we visit - my parent's visit, Mom's weekend, Vandal Lacrosse, Tailgate... I decided I'd go up with Mary, visit the kids and enjoy the one on one time.

Turns out it was WSU's Mom's weekend. Moms and students dressed in maroon all over Pullman AND Moscow. Eight miles and a state line are not enough to stop WSU from coming to U of I.

Apparently the Washington State Cougars are more than a school mascot. The moms... well... 'nuf said.

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Krieg's girlfriend Karissa. She's very sweet. She's also very tiny. Erin gave Mary a tour of the campus. I took pictures. I had dinner with Krieg and Karissa and while Erin worked I made cookies at the boy's apartment. I learned their oven has a fine line between still doughy inside and oh crud!

When Erin got off work the two of them spent 20 minutes convincing me we should go downtown and listen to a Canadian blue grass band called Clumsy Lovers at John's Alley. Here I am... hair up - sweats on. But I went with Erin, Matt & Brit last year. Krieg wasn't 21 yet. He thought it would be fun. Erin and I headed home for a shower and change of clothes and we called Krieg as we went downtown. He was too tired. Poor thing needed his beauty rest. We relentlessly sent him updates from the bar. We even stopped in to visit his girlfriend while she worked. We had a great girls night out. I stayed up past my bedtime and then sat up and talked with Erin until later.

What a great day - time with Erin and Krieg. Next weekend we will be so busy with all the events. I'm glad I didn't miss out on this opportunity!

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