Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is it Christmas?

I feel like a child on Christmas Eve. It's crazy.

My parents flew in from Wisconsin this afternoon. It makes my heart happy to see them. They came to see Krieg's final lacrosse game of the season (ok so now I'm not so happy).

Tomorrow morning we will drive to Moscow for Mom's Weekend. This is always fun but in reality it means long lines at the restaurants and a lot of traffic (ok so now I sound kind of negative). But for me it's Mom's Weekend times TWO Vandals!

I raised my hand earlier this month to organize the first ever Parent Booster Tailgate. Their are the usual group of parents at most games - home and away. The group is growing. More parents who really don't know each other better than to nodd and smile. We have a bond - our sons - lacrosse. The parents have been great about offering to bring - as we are all coming in from out of town - tables, chairs, supplies, dishes to share, burgers, coolers, sodas, water, desserts, etc. It promises to be a great pre-game event.

The big reason for my excitement... Saturday is the big in-state rival lacrosse game between University of Idaho Vandals and Boise (is not a) State University Broncos. It's your usual heavy hitting, blood shedding, high energy, intense lacrosse game. The sidelines will be wild! It's not just the students. Parents yell too. When Krieg played with BSU it was never comfortable. The parents are harsh and critical. That's not to say Vandal parents are perfect, I just think they are supportive in a positive manner. They are still loud. I will sit away from my husband and daughter...

I have butterflies in my stomach. I'm nervous. These rival games could change directions quickly. Historically these games have gone in favor of the team with home field advantage. It makes for a long ride home. These teams meet in the Fall during the Gem State Tournament. It's great to see a W in the column for UI like this year but it's no automatic indicator of what the spring outcome will be. This year the Vandal-BSU game is the IF game. IF BSU loses Saturday to UI and IF BSU loses to Gonzaga on Sunday, UI would have a seed in their first ever post season tournament play. It would mean additional games for 3 senior players, not quite ready to call it a season. (It would mean the same for those 3 senior player parents too!)

These boys deserve it like none other. They are a cohesive unit. They play so great together. They are amazing. I love them all. I will be silently (some of the time) praying (all of the time) for a Vandal Victory.

I'm tingly. I'm fluttery. I'm so anxious. You'd think I had the responsibility to gain possession of the ball in a tie breaking face off.

I-D-A-H-O - Idaho Idaho Go Go GO!

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Trana Family said...

gosh.. You are making me have butterflies!!!