Friday, August 14, 2009

Forward thinking

I know we shouldn't wish our life away... but who doesn't daydream once in awhile?

Lately I find myself wistful for the ocean - and our family time together at Kalaloch. Perhaps it's the fact we've missed two summers without our week in paradise which has led me to day dreaming.

It is bound to happen. We work through a lot of schedules. As our family dynamics change new events will take priority. We were able to meet five years in a row. We set aside the last week of July and those that can come - do - and we toast the others with s'mores or hot pies.

Last year we were blessed to attend our oldest Grandson's wedding the weekend we would normally head home from camp. This year it just didn't seem right to go without Krieg, who was in Alaska fishing again, or Matt & Brit who had a Hallmark family reunion.

We have our weekend planned for October. The regulars will be in attendance.

I'm already pondering walks on the beach in jeans and a sweatshirt. I look forward to feeling the damp, sea air on my face, knowing my hair will respond in ridiculous ways. We will warm our souls with a fire in the fireplace.

I find myself hopeful for a storm to roll through for a couple of hours, giving us a chance to wrap ourselves in blankets and watch the turmoil outside from the comfort of the cabin.

I am looking forward to the traditional chicken and dumpling meal. We will challenge one another to a loud game of Cranium and introduce everyone to our new found silliness, Quelf.

I know our two nights will pass quickly and we'll be back in our routine, finding ourselves prepping for the holidays. But we'll have had the spa-like serenity of Kalaloch to rejuvinate ourselves. And we'll have the knowledge that our return for a week in July is that much closer!

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We're CooCoo for Cocoa Puffs! said...

Oh man, sounds like heaven! I could sure use a spa like that!