Monday, August 3, 2009

Do the math... it just doesn't compute.

We got a text from our youngest son Krieg this weekend. He does well to keep us up to date with the 'happenings' in Alaska where he is part of a five man commercial fishing crew out of Sitka.

This particular text tells us the Wind Walker's crew caught 70,000 lbs. of salmon. Whoa! Mike and I both stood still with our phones in our hands reading our individual, duplicate texts, side by side one another.

Then as quick as we are amazed and astonished, we do the math.

In June Krieg shared the particulars of the new boat purchased by Captain Dave this year. 51' long. Metal hull. Skiff with 250 fathoms of seining net. Two holding tanks - one 51,000 lbs and the other 9,000 lbs. I mentally do the math, scrunch my eyebrows together thinking I'm really bad at math and look up at Mike. I see a mirror of my own confusion - and he has a master's degree.

Mike proceeds to text Krieg and ask for clarification. Krieg's response was to check the latest pictures he uploaded to Facebook. Into the house we go, open up my laptop and wait patiently for our explaination.

Fishing was going well - and the set was still open so our favorite fishing energizer bunnies "just kept on going'... This is what 70,000 lbs of fish looks like in a 60,000 lbs capacity boat. The fish nearly up the sides of the boat.

Krieg is thrilled to be in Alaska for the summer. The opportunities, the experiences, the stories!

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OMG that must be some smell......