Monday, August 31, 2009

Fair Time

I was active in 4H as a kid. Our own gang took their turn at 4H too when we lived in Wisconsin. I love the Fair - not so much the Midway rides and carnival games - I love the barns.

Fortunately my husband enjoys going through the livestock exhibits too. The first time we went to a Fair together we were in California. We were actually going to see Kenny Rogers but wandered through a horse barn. We found ourselves admiring a gorgeous horse along side Patrick Duffy aka Bobby Ewing of Dallas, an 80's era TV show.

We've been to the Western Idaho Fair a few different years. This year we've had a lot on our plates but wanted the distraction in a visit to the Fiar. We convinced Britnee and taten to come along. There is nothing better than a fresh look at the world through a two year old's eyes.

The temperatures were warm. We wandered the livestock barns - dairy, beef, sheep, poultry, rabbits and goats. We got a glimpse of a costume parade... I can honestly say it's the first time I've ever seen a rooster dressed as a fireman. The draft horse barn was not occupied but there was a display from an equipment company out of Mt. Pleasant, TX with 8-10 very large, very beautiful black draft horses. I was in awe. The tallest was over 19 hands high. I have no idea what that equates to in inches - I just know it's backside was definitely over my head. Taten loved this display too - not the horses - no he liked the horse power - the huge, shiney, chrome plated semi truck parked behind the horse exhibit. He is his daddy's son.

My favorite Fair event - the FOOD! Such a struggle to pick something. I wanted it all but settled for a yummy chicken wrap. I watched every overflowing plate of curly fries and onion rings, corn on the cob, corn dogs, and ice cream "baked potatoes" (hey it's Idaho) that passed us as we ate our dinner and relaxed in a grassy field.

We wandered through a "farm" petting area. Taten fed the goats, or more accurately the goats tried to help themselves to the feed in Taten's cup. He loved holding out his hand while they pushed and gobbled up the feed. Taten didn't care for Brahma bull, but he was a bit intimidating. When the bull butted my elbow as I walked by I obliged him with some ear scratching.

No Fair would be complete without a short walk on the Midway. The sun was setting into the western sky and we were treated to a kalidescope of color. Taten's "WOW" made it worth every moment. The cotton candy wasn't bad either!

We had a great time at the Fair with Brit and Tate - and though Matthew couldn't be with us he called as we were leaving and got to hear all about our night.

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Trana Family said...

I love the fair!!!! You couldnt have described it any better!!