Monday, May 28, 2012

Memories made, Memorials in mind...

The newlyweds were home for the long weekend. We've only seen them once since Christmas and that was their mini-honeymoon/our weekend at Kalaloch in March. 

First on the list of things to do...  take advantage of the time together and go shopping at the mall in hopes of narrowing down our options for dresses for the family wedding in August.  Don't let the pictures deceive you - we really did take our shopping mission serious...  most of the time.

And despite my angst for shopping I DO love shoes.  And when the shoe store has a HUGE sign stating "CLEARANCE" in the front window what's a girl to do...  well maybe we had just a little extra fun trying on ridiculously inappropriate shoes.  Let's just say I'm thoroughly grateful to God for the height He provided me.
Mrs. Roper's daughter in leopard... 

 A little twin action... 

 Eventually we found dresses to try on.  Some were too Big, some were too Small... 

 But none were Just Right...   (Well not quite.  She did find an adorable dress for herself and I already fell in love with an internet ordered dress which arrived earlier in the week...)  I had the best time shopping.  YES those words did just come from my mouth.  Erin and I laughed & giggled in dressing rooms.  We twirled around like 'toddlers in tiaras'.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend the time with our daughter again. 

Solar lights over the flagstone/firepit area

Saturday night was designated for "Family Dinner" and the inaugeral dedication of the flagstone patio and the deck.  Except no one told Mother Nature.  It rained the end of the week so the deck status was not quite FINISHED and the temperatures were just too cold to sit outside - even WITH the firepit. 

We went through the illusion of an outdoor meal with burgers and brats.  My reward for a day of shopping was TWO buckets of margaritas to share.  Indeed...  'nuf said.

The newlyweds headed for home with the masses today (and arrived safe and sound).  Mike and I took advantage of the clear blue skies and warmer temperatures.  I mowed and weeded while he finished the stairs for the deck.  

Of course we were both very well aware on this Memorial Day, those who have passed to preserve our freedom and way of life. I know in my home town folks were gathering at the cemetery at the end of the parade route.  It's a way of life.  First you thank God and those who served, then you gather with family and friends.

We (the Royal We) are still planning to replace the upright arbor which holds up the grapevines on the end of the original deck area this week, and tomorrow the wood will be sealed (now that the evening temperatures aren't below 50 and sunshine is in the forecast).

Matt and Brit took in an afternoon movie and Tate came to supervise progress here on the homefront. 

After all...  someone has to keep us out of trouble!

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Erin Murray said...

Such a GREAT weekend!! Had so much fun! And your backyard looks amazing!