Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Don't poke the Momma Bear

I've never been known to be overly very sympathetic but I do care deeply (read: throw myself down in front of danger) about my family and friends - with great emphasis right now on my family.  We raised our children to be independent thinkers, stand straight, speak up for what's right and respect others.  I've always been VERY proud of each of them.  They are all amazing adults.

Tonight we went to a high school lacrosse game to support our youngest who is part of the coaching triad with two other men.  We were joined by our new friends, his future in-laws.  All of us from the opponent side of the fence but rooting for the home team.  It seemed natural to show our support.  This wasn't our first time on the sideline. 

As we chatted before the game, I learned the opponent coach had been trash talking our youngest son - and it's been going on awhile.  Our son is an alumni of the coach's team and it apparently caused quite a stir when our son chose to coach with a different program.  Hearing these things felt like someone was poking at Momma Bear.

I think the fact this coach has made no effort to filter his feelings on the matter, and uses his status as a coach and leader to bad-mouth someone who has earned a great deal of respect in the program, is unsatisfactory.  In retrospect, I think it also adds clarity to our son's decision to NOT coach along side this man. 

Shame on you Coach.  Rather than continue with your disparaging remarks in an attempt to beat down a confident man, you could be using this opportunity to 'grow the game'.  Here you have an alumni from your team - the first League Championship team (I'm thankful he had a true leader coaching him at the time), who played on the state-wide program in national tournaments, and continued to play college lacrosse, assisting to add to the growth of the club at that level.  He has maintained close contact with many other players in the Pacific Northwest, players who have roots in this area, left and maybe even returned.

You are dissing a young man who's been active in lacrosse since 8th grade.  He's gained the respect of young upcoming players - even your future players.  He coached a Junior Varsity team to the State Championship.  He has earned the respect of his peers and adults alike. He spent the summer promoting the sport of lacrosse all over the Western States, assisting a professional player. 

You missed your opportunity Coach.  If you truly cared about the young men you are leading on the field every week, you should stop and reevaluate your own behavior.  It's not about you.  You have a very small group of minions who nod their heads in agreement and feign support.  Don't be fooled.

Fair warning Coach.  I will not go all Honey Badger on you...   I'm tired and just don't have the energy to deal with your hurt ego.  In the end - our son's reputation, honestly earned by hard work and dedication to the Valley's lacrosse program, will take him so much further in life than all of your bad mouthing and insecurities. 

Momma Bear

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Anonymous said...

Oh you go girl! I would LOVE to see you go all honey badger on someone!!!!