Saturday, February 25, 2012


We pay homeowners insurance for a reason. I worry sometimes about the large cottonwood trees in our neighbor's yard. I know a car could come around the corner too fast and wind up in our porch. I pray we never have to endure the horror of watching our home go up in smoke... but the reality is why we make those insurance payments. Stuff happens.

Tonight we were winding down after dinner. I was debating white or rose for a glass of wine and which would tally up more WW points, when I heard a few sirens. I realized this was a second round of sirens in a short few minutes. We have a fire station just up the street so sirens aren't rare. But hearing fire engines, ambulances and police sirens all multiplying and coming up short nearby draws my attention.

We assumed there was a bad accident out on the main street. Then I realized I heard a familiar diesel rumble in front of the house. (We've had several visits to neighbor's homes for elderly family members.) Much to my surprise, I discovered Engine 4 in front of our house and a diligent fireman unrolling and attaching a hose to our hydrant. Engine 10 was in front of the house, just 3 down, hoses unrolled - flames and smoke coming from the rooftop.

I don't know why but I went back in for my camera. My son called me a voyer. Guilty as charged. In the horror of it all, I prayed quietly our newer gentleman neighbor was safe and thank God for all the men in front of me who were risking their own lives to help someone in need.

The drama unfolded... I knew it had to have been multiple alarms. Later learned a second alarm was called. Our neighbor was invited into the home next door, with his dog. He said he was settling in for a relaxing night with a big log in the fireplace when it all took off in flames. I'm guessing a pitchy pine log and a dirty chimney. The reality... why we pay our insurance bills.

The flames were already out when I returned with my camera

You could smell the burning timbers.

Second alarm - more engines.

Thank you gentlemen for all you do.

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Amy said...

Wow! An unfortunate situation BUT awesome catch with the camera!