Friday, February 3, 2012

Projects, To Do Lists and Upgrades...

For years our home has always had a "family wall". Guess that's what happens when you marry a man with a past and you are open to a united family theme. We've moved (once or twice), the pictures have changed, the locations have changed, but there is always a wall of family pictures to stop and reflect upon.

This past year I discovered the on-line bulletin boards - Pinterest. What luck! For years I've been cutting and preserving craft ideas, DIY projects, recipes, patterns, garden ideas, home plans, travel ideas... and voila... there is a world of 'savers' just like me. Except the process has progressed into this century.

I "pinned" several different wall ideas to one of my bulletin boards (you can create themes) and took down the old family wall. Holes were patched, fresh paint applied and pictures were sorted. Fortunately the only frame I had to purchase was the long 6-4x6 frame. I've been curious about vinyl letters and took the plunge there as well.

I found the center of the wall, measuring horizontal and vertical and ran a big strip of blue tape across the wall (a big step for me - I never measure). After placing (and replacing) pictures and vinyl lettering on the floor so I knew how I wanted it done, I carried the middle row up and hung them, one at a time starting with the center, lining up the bottom of the blue tape. For the row above I measured (that's twice now) and ran a second row of blue tape and hung those pictures as well. You get the gest...

How lucky for us to have so many married children. There is even an open slot for the August wedding.

The piano still holds this years more recent photos but this is my favorite "family wall".

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